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Flex all the way with Samsung

 One of the key highlights of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 is defiantely on the Flex Mode. The Flex Mode is one of they selling where one can now use them to work on multiple screens with this. 

What is Flex Mode ?

Flex mode is one of those features. That's basically just a term for whenever you use the phone's main screen folded halfway. It's most useful if you want to set the phone down and use it hands-free, like for video calls, and some apps are optimized by default to take advantage of it. 

For those who are not aware, Flex Mode is easily configured where you can have the orientation local turned off, and open the app and fold the phone screen halfway like how it is for laptop. 

Some of the apps that support both Fold and flips are quite many. The list of apps that support the Flex Mode by default for ZFlip4 includes calculator, calendar, camera, clock, Google Duo, Gallery, Samsung Free, Samsung Health, Google Duo, Youtube, and many more. 

And what we love about the Flex Mode is where we can enables new mobile camera capabilities. Not just that, it is perfect for meetings too! When you are using Google Meet (or is it Google Duo?) you can use Flex Mode to carry out a video call with the front-facing camera angled just right to capture you in the frame, with the video feed on the top half of the screen and video controls to add effects and the like on the bottom half of the screen. Isnt that cool

Is time to get your Samsung Phone now and Flex all the way!