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Sunway Serene's Photo Contest Received Clost to 1,000 Participations

 Master Community Developer, Sunway Property recently announced the winners of their photo contest which captures the “Health & Wellness” aspects of Sunway Serene lakeside development at Petaling Jaya.

The photo contest garnered close to 1,000 entries from photo enthusiasts from all walks of life, who flocked to the development to capture their best photographs depicting “Health and Wellness” amidst the lush natural surroundings.

The competition offered cash prizes totaling RM 10,000 to a total of 38 winners, with judges including Star Media Group Berhad Photo Editor and Photo Art Institution Photo Advisor.

Sunway Property Marketing and Sales General Manager Wendy Wang said, “Aligned with Sunway Property’s commitment in delivering wellness and sustainability to our communities, we hope that this photography competition helped bring to light the importance of creating unique moments of self-care and wellness amidst nature.”

“As the Master Community Developer, we place high importance on the overall health and well-being of our communities, and we are delighted that our urban renewal project benefits not just Sunway Serene’s homeowners, but also the public as well, who can now visit the park for various recreational activities,” she added. 

The Sunway Design and Development Architecture (SDDA) is  Sunway Property’s guiding philosophy for its signature projects. Two of the four pillars of SDDA, namely ‘Health and Wellness’ and ‘Sustainability’, play a key role in Sunway Serene’s design. 

From its 15-acre rehabilitated lake, to the dedicated jogging path winding through lush greenery, elements of Sunway Serene’s Signature of Lakefront Living magnetically draws photographers to immortalise its features.

Sunway Property had invested RM 10 million into rehabilitating the lake and park as part of its urban renewal project. Before the rehabilitation works, the site was a garbage-logged retention pond and a rundown carpark for a neighbouring industrial complex. 

To make the lake habitable once again for aquatic life, the developer conducted water improvement works and installed bandalong litter traps to capture pollutants in the lake. The Master Community Developer had also undertaken extensive works, including diverting the monsoon drain, constructing the culvert, clearing, desludging, and landscaping works, including planting 900 trees. 

One of the winners, Mohd Samsi, said that he spent an entire day in the development’s lush natural surroundings to take his perfect shot. 

“For me, my mission was to find the beauty of the biodiversity that Sunway Property had so carefully brought back to the area to communicate the importance of spending time in nature. I spent a whole day in the beautiful natural surroundings and I had the opportunity to take a picture of a stork hunting for fish in the 15-acre lake rich with aquatic life which I captured with my 500 mm lens. I am pleased that the judges selected my photo as one of the winning entries,” he said. 

Sunway Serene is Sunway Property’s latest award-winning development promoting lakeside living in the heart of Petaling Jaya, and merely a stone’s throw away from Sunway City Kuala Lumpur. The development comes with a comprehensive set of amenities, infrastructure and is accessible via major roads and highways. For more information on Sunway Serene, please call 017 964 0788 or log on