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Democratising 5G for All with the Galaxy A13 5G

Much has been touted about 5G’s benefits, from its fast download and upload speeds, low latency gaming to better bandwidth in crowded areas. So it serves everyone well to have a powerful device that not only offers innovative core-features and 5G connectivity, but also comes available at an awesomely affordable price. For this there is the Galaxy A13 5G, Samsung’s most affordable Galaxy 5G smartphone yet - a powerful device that fits consumer’s needs and makes 5G connectivity more accessible.


The Galaxy A13 5G is the ideal starter phone for young adults who are navigating the technological landscape as well as helping them instill good habits in how to access information faster. Plus, with its 5G capabilities, you can stay connected and communicate with families and friends without hassle and more easily. 


Stay Up-to-Speed with Hyper-fast Downloads

We all know the frustration when you’ve received an important email with attached documents that need your urgent attention. You click on the file and, well, it’s still downloading. Oh, and now it’s stalled. So you end up using more data to try and open it again. With 5G connection[1] and a Galaxy A13 5G, you can download files and content at super-fast download speeds regardless of file size. Not to mention, upload as fast too. 


Bye-bye Lag, Hello World!

Staying connected to friends, family, classmates or coworkers has never been more important. Whether you’re a student who needs a device to keep up with studies and communicate on group projects, or are working far away from home and want to stay in touch with loved ones, the Galaxy A13 5G is ideal. With 5G connection, you can enjoy high-quality, super-stable video calls without the dreaded lag that can halt an online meeting or make you miss out on kindled family moments[2].


More to Create, More to Share

Sharing our stories is how we connect with others. Whether you stream videos or love to upload what you are up to on social media channels, having a strong 5G network connection certainly helps a lot. Outfitted with an excellent processor, an Octa-core combined with up to 12GB of RAM (inclusive of 6GM RAM Plus), the Galaxy A13 5G gives you a fast 5G experience[3]. This means you get the reliability and speed to stream your favourite show in your down-time plus live stream memories and important celebrations without your audience missing a beat.


Make Musical Memories

Music is best enjoyed when sharing with others. But sometimes having to pair and unpair audio devices can be a pain. With the new Music Share feature on Samsung Galaxy phones, including the Galaxy A13 5G, your friends can pair their phones directly to your audio devices. Your Galaxy A13 5G will stay connected to your own phone during the process, so you can receive notifications. Now you can listen to the same song simultaneously without any hassle.


Coming in three colours, Light Blue, Black and Orange, the Galaxy A13 5G is the future-ready device for everyone. Get your hands on one today at a recommended retail price of RM1,099.


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