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IKEA New BLÅVINGAD Collection Inspires Children to Care for the Ocean, with Proceeds Going to Local Charity in Malaysia

 The ocean has long been a source of fascination for both kids and adults. There is just something particularly tickling about underwater life that provides an endless list of trivia to absorb, as well as plenty of room for imagination.

Ahead of Children’s Day, IKEA Malaysia has launched the BLÅVINGAD collection to cultivate an interest in marine life and conservation. From a wide variety of soft toys to aquatic textiles, fishing games and dreamy lighting, the range consists of vibrant new items that spark play and curiosity about the ocean and myriad creatures that call it home.

Essential to life at home, children learn to connect, create, recharge, escape and explore through play. Playing is not a luxury – it’s a necessity and in the season of gifting, IKEA Malaysia is also running the Play For The Future charity campaign to enable more children the opportunity to play. For every piece of selected IKEA toy sold between October 27 and December 27, RM1 will be donated to its local charity partners, including the Children's Protection Society and Dignity for Children Foundation.

Weaving in Children's Concerns and Hopes

The idea behind the BLÅVINGAD range is based on findings from IKEA Kids Advisory Panel, which gathered feedback from children ages 8-14 from all over the world. The panel discovered that kids are worried about the ocean, especially the creatures that live there

As a result, IKEA based the design vision around marine life while also consciously taking small steps to include sustainable materials such as 100% recycled polyester, which is found in selected items, including the soft toys. The panel also learned which ocean creatures children like the most, leading towards the development of characters featured in BLÅVINGAD, which are the dolphin, orca, blue whale, turtle, and octopus.

According to Jorge Omar Santoyo Henaine, Product Design Developer at IKEA, "Play is at the heart of Children's IKEA, and we are inspired to create products that encourage more opportunities for play for both children and families. Through the design process, we discovered how crucial it was to keep developing a line that not only encourages play, but also meets functional home furnishing needs.”

The BLÅVINGAD collection is consistent with IKEA belief in the importance of creating a better everyday life at home. Through play, both adults and children can bond, create, recharge, escape, and explore. Playing is great for just about everything and everyone. It especially helps children grow and learn while boosting creativity as they grow up.

Dive into a marine world with their favourite animals

IKEA Kids' Advisory Panel was instrumental in the identification of ocean creatures. The panel discovered that children are drawn to particular animals for a variety of reasons, including the cooperative nature of whales, the adaptability of octopuses, and the intelligence of dolphins.


Each animal's distinctive characteristics were depicted in the BLÅVINGAD soft toys. They make the ideal cuddly friends for both comfort and play.


Play is not just about having fun, but also spending quality times and moments with your child. The BLÅVINGAD children's textiles and bedding, with its aquatic-themed designs and matching soft lighting, provides an enjoyable environment for children to read stories about the sea and drift off to sleep.

The collection also comes with interactive activities that are fun and educational. The Colouring paper roll offers a fun time for kids to indulge in.


The BLÅVINGAD collection is available at all IKEA stores in Malaysia, including online at Stay tuned for more updates via the website and IKEA Malaysia social platforms.