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A Spinning Expert's Tips to Stay Fit & Healthy with Galaxy Watch5

 Whether you are an amateur or fitness expert, understanding yourself is the first step towards an effective fitness journey. When spin instructor, Jojo Tan embarked on her fitness journey in 2020, she searched for a smartwatch that would complement her lifestyle and track more than simply distance and time. She found her answer in the Galaxy Watch5 Series.


Awareness on Body Composition

“I got the Galaxy Watch5 for two main reasons: its fitness tracking and body composition monitoring features,” shared Jojo. Extremely dedicated to building lean muscle mass, the Galaxy Watch5’s Bioelectrical Impedance (BIA) Sensor has been imperative in helping her obtain real-time analysis on her muscle mass, body fat percentage and water weight without having to regularly visit the gym. At just the tip of her fingers, she can conveniently monitor her fitness progress and adjust necessary lifestyle changes to improve.


Consistency is the Key

Consistency is the key to every goal. In order to be fit and healthy, Jojo emphasizes the importance of consistency in a nutritious diet, routine exercises, and self-care activities. She adheres to a strict diet – low carb, high protein – and workout, up to five days a week with weights to build leaner muscle mass. “When you consume clean, healthy meals that are low-fat, you will begin to notice a decrease in body weight and body fat, which contributes to more energy (muscles) and better sense of wellbeing,” she shared. Jojo also uses Samsung Health as a food journal as it offers insightful data into her caloric and nutritional intakes and lets her set daily food intake goals.

Be As Active As You Can

For those who are passionate about working out and are constantly exploring new sports, Jojo truly believes that the Galaxy Watch5 Series is for you! This advanced Galaxy Watch5 can track a whopping 120 different sports, including spinning, circuit training, running, weight machines, and climbing indoor exercises (HIIT, Yoga, and Tabata). Weightlifting is currently Jojo’s preferred exercise for bodybuilding. “Please do not be afraid to lift weights. Ladies should lift more weights as it will not only help quickly lose weight and achieve better health but also develop greater strength and confidence,” she recommends.

Additionally, the Samsung Health offers custom targeted fitness programmes, such as balance training, endurance training, and weight loss, as well as workouts tailored exclusively for women. Once you equip yourself with the Galaxy Watch5 Series, you will be as driven to work out as Jojo thanks to its wide selection of fitness programmes and workout modes.


Prioritise Self-Care

Apart from all the incredible health and fitness features, another one that excites Jojo is the Sleep Coaching Programme in Samsung Health. “The sleep tracking feature is so amazing! I am extremely impressed with how I can always wake up to insights on my sleep scores and patterns in different sleep stages, as well as get matched to a Sleep Animal and coached by Samsung Health with daily missions!” she exclaimed happily.

When the night falls, take a cue from Jojo to always have some me-time before bed – whether it’s a longer-than-usual skincare routine, turning on the air-conditioning for optimum comfort, or simply some mindfulness breathing. Jojo also made it a point to always go to bed with low stress levels in order to wake up feeling refreshed and recharged the next day.

Galaxy Watch5 is an excellent choice for individuals looking for a health management experience with comprehensive health and fitness features, concludes Jojo.

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