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Durex Pleasure Gap Sheds Light on Malaysian Intimacy Issues

 A recent survey around sexual pleasure conducted by Durex found that most couples are not forthcoming about their intimacy needs. Based on the findings, one in three sexually active Malaysians confessed that sex was not usually pleasurable, while a third also shared that they have faked their reactions during intimacy. 

Unsurprisingly, - about 50% of these young adults do not believe that most people are able to orgasm during sex with 37% faking their reactions. A few interesting discoveries also revealed that 44% of respondents admitted to feeling pressured into intimacy, while 25% did not speak up when they felt discomfort.

Adding to the fact that everyone experiences pleasure differently, 42% of sexually active young Malaysian adults are not comfortable talking to their partners about their sexual needs, which explains why couples do not come out of sexual encounters equally satisfied. 

Being able to talk comfortably about what intimate partners like and dislike have been shown to strengthen the relationship, increase desire, and improve overall health. Discussing sex with your other half can also help iron out those delicate issues like how often you have sex or how stress from outside your relationship might be affecting your sex life.

Unfortunately, conversations around sex in our culture continues to be swept under the rug which leads to partners comparing real-world sex lives to what is seen in pop culture, leaving them uncertain about their own sexual skillset.

All that is set to change as Durex, the number one condom brand in the world, launches A-Z of Pleasure, a game for two that encourages intimacy through honest conversation, while getting temperatures rising, even before entering the bedroom. As part of the larger #ComeTogether campaign, Durex seeks to get young adults talking about sex and pleasure without the shame.

To get couples talking about their pleasure while putting the ‘play’ in foreplay, Durex’s A-Z of Pleasure leads couples on a fun journey to discover mutual pleasure, just by playing their cards right! 

Open up, get closer, come together

Co-created with nine contributors across Malaysia and Singapore, from well-known, sex-positive content creators such as Arwind Kumar and Daphne Iking, to sexologist Andrea Koh and sexuality counsellor Chan Fun Shin, the game contains 26 ‘Learn’ and ‘Play’ cards in a deck. 

Running through every letter of the alphabet, ‘Learn’ encourages couples to open up sides of themselves they usually keep hidden, such as boundaries, desires and kinks, while ‘Play’ allows them to discover pleasure through teasing each other with items like blindfold, chocolates and knots. 

The end goal? For couples to come together, in more ways than one. 

Contributors passionate about helping couples start the pleasure conversation

One of the co-creators, Andrea, sexologist at Vibrance (Bioinfinity (M) Sdn Bhd), said "Sex is a misunderstood topic. Couples are shy to talk about it and don’t explore enough about pleasure together. Play is a great way to break down these walls, and the A-Z of Pleasure encourages couples to embark on a pleasure journey together to openly discuss intimacy through laughter and fun. With this, couples now have different and creative avenues to enrich their relationship further.”

Malaysian darling, Daphne Iking, who contributed to the word “Gift”, said, “Couples from Asian cultures tend to shy away from talking about pleasure and intimacy. The game is a positive way to eliminate any awkwardness between couples and help them openly, creatively, and safely discuss such topics. After all, the path to greater intimacy doesn't need to be boring. It should be thoughtful, fun, and meaningful!”

The more young couples share and know, the more empowered they are to enjoy safe, pleasurable sex.

Condoms and card games

Eager to explore pleasure in and out of the bedroom? Get your hands on the A-Z of Pleasure by downloading a copy from Also, find the perfect Durex product from thin condoms for greater intimacy, textured and flavoured condoms for fun and adventure to lube for a smoother sexual experience.