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HONOR announces the imminent Malaysian arrival of HONOR X9a 5G!


HONOR Malaysia officially announced a new smartphone in the shape of the HONOR X9a 5G this time around, continuing the trend of a new generation of X-series, and also successor of the earlier HONOR X9 5G released earlier this year.


The teaser started back in September with HONOR sneak dropping hints, with confirmation now assured HONOR fans nationwide the imminent arrival of a new HONOR X9a 5G.


HONOR X9a 5G - Ultra-tough OLED Curved Display

Fans would be familiar with the X-series largely thanks to its premium quality and has been a fan favorite among many Malaysian users. Official photos have teased on how the HONOR X9a 5G fell to the floor, but rather having a dent on the delicate smartphone, it created a crack on the floor instead, implicating its durability of display to withstand fall impact.


The slogan of “Ultra-tough OLED Curved Display” was an obvious reason to why it survived the fall, further implying the screen’s stability and resilience, a welcoming feature to many.


HONOR X9a 5G - What’s more?

Apart from a tough screen display, the HONOR X9a 5G has one of the best software and hardware out there, solving common potential worries such as unintentional false touch and fragility of a curved-screen-phone users have to deal with. As such, the AI anti-mistouch algorithm adapts and will not react to unwanted touch, further reducing the screen’s oversensitivity.


Durability of curved screen wise, the HONOR X9a 5G adopts a 0.65mm Super Reinforced glass on display, for better drop resistance, and has excelled in 33 different drop tests including simulated marble and concrete floor drops, ensuring further strong quality.


HONOR X9a 5G - Coming soon to stores near you!

Get excited with the soon-to-arrive HONOR X9a 5G as your choice of high-quality, durable and cost-effective smartphone for our HONOR fans out there! This would be a phone you don’t want to miss! Stay excited with us and be updated by anything newsworthy on the HONOR X9a 5G only at or HONOR Malaysia’s Facebook Page!