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 At a recent media event, Kenangan Coffee held an up close and personal session with Mikael Jasin, Kopi Kenangan’s Head of Coffee to showcase the brand’s differentiation strategy. An exclusive coffee demo was conducted to preview the techniques used to maintain top-notch quality through its top-of-the-line coffee machines, high-grade raw materials and the detailed process that goes into making a perfect cup of coffee. 

Mikael Jasin, Kopi Kenangan Head of Coffee at MyTown Cheras


Possessing a background in Psychology and Marketing, Mikael ventured into the industry for his love of coffee and his passion to learn more about coffee-making techniques, participating in barista competitions as well as working closely with local farmers to improve the growth in coffee quality. Mikael’s excellent track record in national and world competitions has made him the current World's 7th Best Barista (2021), as well as, Indonesian Barista Champion (2019 & 2020). After winning 4th place in the World Barista Championship Boston 2019, Kenangan Coffee appointed Mikael as its Head of Coffee to procure and innovate blends from various Indonesian regions that are unique to the brand and its offerings. Besides this, he is in charge of product development, which includes being involved in presenting a new menu and exploring coffee farms in Indonesia to curate the best coffee beans and experiences for their consumers. He also adds value by training and consulting baristas for the brand. To date, Kopi Kenangan has more than 2,300 certified baristas who graduated from the Kenangan Academy in Indonesia.


Mikael Jasin, Kopi Kenangan Head of Coffee said, “My goal is to always share Indonesia’s culture through our coffee beans as we are one of the best coffee producers in the world. As an ethical brand that focuses on providing value to our stakeholders, I am committed to sourcing ingredients and goods from Indonesia to elevate the lives of our farmers and our people. Our well-trained baristas use good quality ingredients to bring a taste of our origins here in Malaysia. We released the new beans on the Bumi Flores beans and this is a coffee blend that I have specially curated for Kopi Kenangan. Bumi means ‘land’ in Indonesia and it represents a classic Indonesian taste profile. The Bumi Flores beans are locally sourced from farmers in Bumi Flores, East Nusa Tenggara, and have characteristic notes of brown sugar, warming spice and dried orange. Other coffee beans that I have also curated are single-origin beans, such as the Malabar and Solok beans.”


“Besides producing our best coffee beans, we use the best-in-class coffee machines such as the Black Eagle Maverick by Victoria Arduino to maintain the coffee quality we serve our customers. The specific feature that elevates the coffee-making process is called “Pure Brew,” which is designed to broaden the range of coffee extraction. The machine’s variable flow rate and temperature capabilities allow us to create low-pressure extraction recipes with different grind sizes, doses and ratios for cups described as “more syrupy and full-bodied” than manual pour-over, but also quite distinct from the traditional espresso. This paves the way for Malaysians to enjoy the coffee that suits their taste buds. What is unique about Kenangan Coffee is that it caters to all types of customers; from coffee enthusiasts who enjoy pure brews using the Bumi Flores beans, to those who are looking to unwind and enjoy milk-based coffee series like our signature Kenangan Latte, which has a distinctive taste, the smokiness of gula aren and the boldness of the coffee, and for non-coffee drinkers who can indulge in a cup of Avocado milk. Kenangan Cofee is indeed a place for everyone and is on the path to being the most-loved consumer brand in Malaysia and Southeast Asia,” added Mikael.


Kenangan Coffee has opened five stores within Klang Valley at Suria KLCC, MyTown Cheras, Pavilion KL, NU Sentral KL and Sunway Pyramid PJ. The brand also introduced its beloved signature drinks, Kenangan Latte and Avocado Coffee, as well as a wide range of other coffee selections at its stores. The price per cup starts from RM5.90 and is at a sweet price point in line with its brand promise of making quality coffee available at affordable prices. 


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