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New local sellers achieved 12 times uplift in sales on Shopee 12.12 Birthday Sale

 Shopee wrapped up the year-end shopping season with new local sellers achieving 12 times uplift in sales during the 12.12 Birthday Sale peak day as compared to an average day. Shoppers managed to save more through the best deals with brands and sellers, with over 23 million vouchers claimed on 12 December. 

Health & Beauty, Home & Living, and Mobile & Accessories emerged as the top categories sold on 12 December. Among them, the top keywords searched are dress, kasut perempuan, blouse, baju kurung and powerbank, as Malaysians prepared to welcome 2023. 

During the first two hours of 12 December, Shopee observed 8 times uplift in orders compared to an average day. Various cities across Malaysia outside the Klang Valley region emerged as top cities throughout the 12.12 Birthday Sale campaign period, with Johor Bahru, Kinta, Timur Laut, and Kuantan recording the highest number of orders.

Meanwhile, top 100 local sellers also achieved 8 times uplift in sales on the 12 December in comparison to average days. Top-performing local sellers include Dr Macio, Momo House, Hollywood MotorSport, cost2u and Tot.Retail & Wholesale. 

On top of that, buyers also engage with their favourite local influencers who shared product reviews, tutorials and more during the campaign period with over 425K engagements recorded across social media.

Local delicacies dominated food orders for the 12.12 Sale with Satay Ayam and Roti Canai emerging as clear favourites for ShopeeFood users across Northern, Central and Southern regions. ShopeeFood also recorded an uplift in vouchers sold, driven by users supporting local brands. This included merchant heroes such as Tealive, ZUS Coffee, Ayam Gepuk Pak Gembus, Tiga Budak Gemok, Gigi Coffee, Thong Kee Cafe, Pop Meals, Sakura Donburi, Restoran Meng Kee, Universal Sambal and Planet Nasi Kukus. For mainstream brands, McDonalds and KFC continue to be favourites. 

Kenneth Soh, Head of Marketing Campaigns at Shopee Malaysia said, “We are humbled to see the positive uplift amongst new local sellers because they have utilised our ecosystem well to outperform on e-commerce. In the last 12 months, Shopee drove inclusion by helping over 251,000 new local sellers digitalise their businesses. Over 140 of them recorded over half a million in sales within the same period of time. Moving into 2023, Shopee strives to continue enhancing the user experience for both sellers and buyers, by innovating to serve local needs, and make e-commerce accessible to everyone.”

To wrap up the year, Shopee will be holding its Shopee Super Awards this Thursday to recognise the best-performing local sellers, brands, partners and talents of the year across the Malaysia e-commerce industry. Tune in to Shopee Live on 15 December, 7:30pm to catch exciting performances and celebrations with our brightest stars across different industry categories.