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Savor Chinese New Year Celebratory Delicacies at Element Kuala Lumpur

 Marking the start of a brand new Chinese lunar calendar, Chinese New Year is a time to celebrate passed-down traditions and joyful reunions - and no celebration of this festival is complete without hearty dishes carrying auspicious symbolism. In order to usher in The Year of Rabbit on a prosperous note, Element Kuala Lumpur presents a variety of festive specialties ranging from Yee Sang, Treasure Pot to private reunion set menus for diners to enjoy from 6 January to 5 February 2023.

Prosperity Yee Sang

Being an integral part of any Chinese New Year dining in Malaysia, ‘Yee Sang’, or the Prosperity Toss, is enjoyed as everyone around the table raises their chopsticks and toss all the ingredients together (the higher, the better) whilst uttering wishes, in hope of reaching new heights in the year ahead.

A feast to both the eyes and taste buds, the Hotel’s Executive Chinese Chef, Linus Mak’s very own take on this festive entrée is not to be missed. Instead of using the conventional plum sauce as the condiment, Chef Mak has opted for a homemade pineapple dressing to bring together a perfect balance of sweetness and sourness. Comprising a refreshing medley of shredded vegetables, fresh fruit slices and crispy crackers as the foundation, patrons can choose their topping from Raw Salmon Slices, Crispy Fish Skins or Whole Abalones to complete this eye-catching platter.

Available at TRACE Restaurant & Bar for dine-in and takeaway.

Choice of toppings

Choice of topping

Full portion

Half portion

Raw salmon slices

RM128 nett

RM98 nett

Crispy fish skins

RM138 nett

RM98 nett

Whole abalones

RM 188 nett

RM138 nett


Abundance Treasure Pot


Another much-loved staple of the Chinese New Year is unmistakably the Treasure Pot, a.k.a. “Poon Choy”, which signifies an abundance of wealth and prosperity. Perfect for sharing among family and friends – and even with colleagues, Chef Mak’s rendition of the Treasure Pot this year is bound to make an impressive centerpiece on every dining table.

Carefully hand-picked by Chef Mak himself, the Abundance Treasure Pot is meticulously layered with a slew of premium ingredients including Abalones, Sea Cucumber, Fish Maw, Dried Imperial Scallops, Dried Oysters, Prawns, Poached Chicken and Roasted Duck – just to name a few, drenched harmoniously in a rich, velvety chicken essence sauce that wonderfully elevates their natural flavors.

Aside from being offered in TRACE Restaurant & Bar for dine-in, our Abundance Treasure Pot is also available for takeaway in a claypot, making it an opulent addition to your stay-in celebration which ensures to impress every guest.

Small portion (serves 5 people) RM338 nett

Large portion (serves 10 people) RM688 nett


Be it intimate family gathering, company annual dinner or social functions, nothing spells Chinese New Year quite like getting together with people you value and cherish. In celebration of the Chinese New Year, Element Hotel Kuala Lumpur features 2 thoughtfully crafted set menus, allowing you to host a private reunion at one of the highest event venues in the city. 

While both set menus include the vibrant-colored Prosperity Yee Sang as entrée, the Auspicious Set Menu highlights course after course of tempting Chinese delicacies, including Double-boiled Chicken Consommé with American Ginseng, Roasted “Dong Quai’ Chicken with Garlic Crisps, Crispy Barramundi Fish with Ginger, Bonito and Scallion in Homemade Teriyaki Sauce, Stir-fried Ming Prawns with Mongolian Sauce, as well as Braised Money Bag, Black Moss and Fish Maw with Seasonal Vegetables.

In comparison, the Prosperity Set Menu includes Chef Mak’s sumptuous Prosperity Treasure Pot or ‘Poon Choy’ for a change, on top of the Double-boiled Chicken Consommé with Cordyceps Flower and Steamed Glutinous Rice with Smoked Duck, Unagi, Homemade XO Sauce and Scallion.

Auspicious Set Menuv: RM2088+ per table of 10 guests*

Prosperity Set Menu : RM2388+ per table of 10 guests*

*Minimum booking of 3 tables

Either menu is completed on a sweet note with Chilled Lemongrass Jelly with Aloe Vera and Fresh Passion Fruit and Homemade Nian Gao.