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Social Commerce in Action as TikTok Shop teams up with Lokein at WORQ Subang

 Lokein, TikTok Shop and Dezeek Media took the stage at WORQ Subang to share how social commerce can help many local businesses in Malaysia grow their business.

The event aims to help Local Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) to increase their interaction with the help of social commerce. In today's convenience-focused society, more and more businesses aim to utilise social marketing to make more shopping flexible for their customers as well as the ability to reach more customers. From startups to small businesses right through to big brands, there are a vast number of companies that can benefit from e-commerce. However, many businesses face the challenge of growing their business through social commerce.

Digital Marketing Specialist & CEO of Dezeek Media, Ahmad Adlan, starts the event with a narrative about the importance of good Digital Marketing and trends. Dezeek media then proceeds to break down the directions of the upcoming year of 2023 and what business owners can start to focus on.

"In Dezeek Media, we use digital marketing to bring many business opportunities and growth. Leveraging on trends can help lead to increased exposure as well as more sales. After all, the goal as a business owner is to increase your profit." said Dezeek Media's Digital Marketing Specialist & CEO, Ahmad Adlan. Nur Hafizi, Co-Founder of Lokein, shares that Lokein is a social commerce enabler that played a big part in building and growing the local community by bringing many traditional businesses online using Lokein's seamless online business solution.

"As one of the social commerce enablers of Malaysia, we bring guidance and a more seamless experience to all the MSMEs of Malaysia through our business solution. Lokein has also placed massive efforts in helping many MSMEs through the DE Dagang Campaign as itis a growth channel for many local businesses," says Lokein's co-founder Nur Hafizi.Lokein is also a selected partner in the DE Dagang campaign by Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), bringing over a thousand new chances to MSMEs around Malaysia to grow their business online. Lokein is on its final lap to close the campaign before it ends on 31 December 2022.

Lokein then carried on with how online sellers can leverage e-commerce tools to help enhance their online sales through the use of the social commerce solution provided by Lokein.

TikTok Shop ended the event with a presentation on how TikTok Shop as a platform is another social commerce avenue for local Malaysian businesses. TikTok Shop then explains how Shoppertainment is essential in a content creator platform such as TikTok Shop and can be fully leveraged to generate sales.

"TikTok Shop aims to help businesses stand out in an already crowded marketplace. Tapping onto entertainment and commerce, something we call Shoppertainment, helps businesses elevate and generate sales on a platform that introduces a whole new audienceready to shop," said Wilson Leong, FMCG Category Director of TikTok Shop Malaysia.