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Voices of Health Experts: Dr. Wan’s Best Bedfellow for Better Sleep & Mental Clarity – Samsung Health

 It's hardly a surprise that people are concerned about whether they get enough sleep. A sleep survey conducted by Nielsen indicates that 9 out of 10 Malaysians suffer from one or more sleep problems. Most people are unaware that sleep deficiency is linked to many chronic health problems, including heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, obesity, and depression.


Echoing the importance of getting quality sleep is Dr. Wan, a medical doctor who works at a private clinic – also well-known as Dr1 Share on TikTok, sharing public health matters related to mental health, nutritional education, and general medical issues. According to him, most adults require between eight to ten hours of sleep each day to maintain a healthy wellbeing. So, to keep waking up on the right side of his bed every day, he always made sure to avoid caffeinated drinks for at least six hours before sleep, put his phone away at least 30 minutes before bed and exercise daily.


Dr. Wan highlights that it is very important for people to track sleep so that they are aware of their sleep patterns and how their sleep quality can affect their mental and physical health. “Lack of sleep leads to fatigue, which makes it difficult to cope with day-to-day tasks. Fatigue then causes stress or worry, making you feel less productive. That is an awful state to be in. So, be accountable for your actions, track your sleeping habits, and take on Samsung Health’s Sleep Coaching Program. We do better when someone (or an app) is monitoring us,” he said.


“Initially, I was drawn to the Galaxy Watch5 Pro because of its bold design and its ability to measure body composition[1] to help with my weight-loss journey. However, I then learned that the Samsung Health[2] app offers not only fitness coaching programs but also a special coaching program specifically for Sleep! That’s something cool I’ve never seen elsewhere,” he exclaimed.


As most people can’t figure out how well they’re sleeping, Samsung Health’s sleep management features definitely helps. Galaxy Watch5 Series will analyse sleep patterns[3] through Sleep Scores, which monitor your sleep stages, snore detection[4], and blood oxygen levels. With the data collected, Samsung Health will then assigns users a Sleep Animal based on the sleeping style[5], – such as Unconcerned Lion, Nervous Penguin, Alligator on the Hunt and more. Once the user has been assigned a Sleep Symbol, the app will curate a personalised Sleep Coaching[6] Program that runs a month-long, offering daily missions, checklists, sleep tips, motivational messages, meditation guidance, and sleep reports to improve sleep habits.


According to Dr. Wan’s seven-day sleep analysis, he was matched to the Sun-averse Mole as his Sleep Symbol because he frequently stays up late and sleeps for an average of eight hours. To break his unhealthy night owl habit, Samsung Health advises him to wake up early, workout in the morning, be more active during the day. So far, Dr. Wan is enjoying checking off his daily tasks, and is anticipating improvements in his sleep score in the upcoming weeks.


Additionally, Samsung Health offers wellness features such as stress level monitoring, deep breathing exercises, mindfulness meditations, sleep stories and music in the app. All of which help in calming stress and enhancing a restful sleep. Dr. Wan would always unwind at the end of the day with the guided meditation and treat himself to wholesome meals to uplift his mood and mind.


Dr. Wan believes that if you have the right way to understand your body and help it recover, you can achieve anything and be in a better physical, mental and emotional state. This is the perfect reason to equip yourself with the brand-new Galaxy Watch5 Series.


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