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Yuuki Milestone : Trying Banana

 A milestoned reach! She ca now have food! And we starts to recomend her with wide variety of fruits and this time, we tried with bananas. 

Why Bananas? 

Bananas are a great first food to introduce to babies as they’re easy to digest, already soft and mushy, and packed full of vitamins and minerals.

As baby love sweet taste, banana is naturally sweet  and they can be served as a natural sugar replacement, with an irresistible creamy texture which makes them easy to eat.

Banana nutrition is so good for babies

Well we dont start off with huge bites but we starts with something small and little. With the natural sugar in banana, they are also a great  potassium-rich fruit. Potassium is a crucial nutrient for growing babies as it acts as an electrolyte that manages hydration levels and makes it possible for oxygen to reach their cells. Bananas are also packed with calcium, magnesium, zinc, and vitamins A, B6, B12, fiber and folate – which are all essential vitamins and nutrients that help babies gain healthy weight

Easy to Digest

With their little tummy, buy those ripes banana as is soft and easy for them to digest.


I grab this as it can store in the bag and carried around. So much easier.