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Fikry Ibrahim starred as Tealive CEO – Chief Espresso Officer

 Celebrity actor Fikry Ibrahim is used to playing challenging roles in his career but never in his wildest dreams did he think that, one day, he would be the CEO of Tealive brand.

Yes, Fikry stars as Tealive Chief Espresso Officer for the current coffee campaign of Southeast Asia’s top lifestyle tea brand.

Today, CEO Fikry launched a special offer where anyone who buys any coffee from Tealive will get a second cup at only RM1, only on weekdays before 3pm.

At the launch, Fikry also treated the media to a presentation of his show-reels on his role as Tealive CEO, besides Tealive’s range of coffee, of course!

In welcoming Fikry on board, founder and CEO of brand owner Loob Holding Sdn Bhd, Bryan Loo, said he was selected for this role as Fikry was a popular actor, model, TV host and comedian whose lifestyle aligned well with the Tealive brand story.

“Tealive is home-grown and a proudly Malaysian brand which has spread to nine countries across five continents, serving over five million customers each month,” he said.

“We welcome Fikry to helm the role of Tealive CEO for our coffee campaign. He has also grown from his early days of Lawak Solo to be a wholesome family-oriented and happy-go-lucky celebrity adored by millions of fans,” he added.

“Fikry’s enthusiasm for the Tealive brand is amazing. So, together, we will have much joy and fun serving more coffee throughout Malaysia,” he quipped.

With 1.1 million followers on Instagram, 28-year-old Fikry lives an active lifestyle and his posts are often about him having fun jet-skiing, on motorcycle riding adventures or playing futsal with buddies.

Fikry’s excitement in playing the role of Tealive CEO is palpable. “Of course, when first approached, I was flattered but also apprehensive as I have never been a Chief Espresso Officer before,” he said.

“I took time and made the effort to study and familiarise myself with Tealive’s operations so I can play this role to the best of my ability. I must say I really enjoy it now and I look forward to my fans supporting me here.

“As Chief Espresso Officer, I will really live up to the Tealive brand promise of ‘Always More Than Tea’ as I want to tell everyone that Tealive has great Arabica coffee too. And each cup is freshly-brewed by hand,” he said.

“Thank you a latte to Tealive, especially Bryan Loo, for the confidence in me as their new CEO! Majulah kopi untuk negara!” he quipped.

This “CEO Fikry” promotion is valid before 3pm on Mondays to Fridays. Buy any coffee and you can get these four drinks for only RM1 – Signature Coffee, Cappuccino, Americano or Latte – any size, hot or cold.