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Sheng Tai International maintains momentum on Melaka lifestyle hub development with inaugural Straits Gala- 14 January 2023

 Visionary development company, Sheng Tai International Sdn Bhd (STI) founded by charismatic property developer Dato’ Leong Sir Ley officially launched The Sail Experiential Centre, Phase One of its iconic mixed development, The Sail Melaka, Graced by YB Senator Tengku Datuk Seri Utama Zafrul Tengku Abdul Aziz, the event was attended by over 800 distinguished guests and business partners including international investors from over 15 countries such as Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, China, Dubai, Indonesia, Taiwan, Singapore, the Middle East, Russia, the United States, the United Kingdom and more.

The Sail Experiential Centre is a 3-storey building that includes LSL Ballroom, Sheng Yan Restaurant , both at Ground floor. The sales gallery on the 1st floor is equipped with interactive screens to introduce The Sail Melaka Project and video projections on The Sail project as well as the story of the straits of Melaka. On the 2nd floor is where the show units of Bay 2, Bay 3 and Tower M are showcased. 

Tower M is sold to the former Hong Kong beauty queen - Ms Michelle Reis (Ms Hong Kong, 1988). However, show units in Tower M are built to showcase the interior design and furnishing concept to foreign buyers who have put their trust in ShengTai by purchasing their units without actually viewing it. 

The estimated completion of these 3 towers is expected to be in the year 2028 onwards. The Wellness, Cultural and AI towers as well as the 100K sq ft Snow Park & Ski Centre are in the planning and designing stage now. Sheng Tai will reveal more information once the design has been finalized.

“The mission from Sheng Tai International is to gather people from all around the world to come into the Selat Melaka city through The Sail Melaka through art and culture, fashion, wellness and artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives into the Straits of Melaka through our properties.”

“Realising that a ‘new language’ had emerged after the three-year worldwide pandemic, this inspired me to gather international business owners from around the world, who through these initiatives, would come to The Sail and help us start new businesses, create job opportunities, facilitate the import of talent into the city and showcase Melaka on the international stage,” explained Dato’ Leong.

“With Melaka once being a key cosmopolitan port in Southeast Asia during the golden era of trade in the 15th century, I felt that this is the right place to gather people from around the world and cultures across the world to enjoy Malaysian hospitality, food and culture, especially the unique diversity of Melaka – and enticing them to invest in The Sail,” added Dato’ Leong. 

Taking property tourism to a whole new level

In line with the travel-oriented theme of The Sail Melaka, STI is taking property tourism to a whole new level. By complementing the local property market, The Sail will bring in new business opportunities, boosting the economy and creating jobs, leading them to a higher living standard as prosperity flows into the area.

“We are laying the foundation for initiatives such as hub set ups, a surge in tourism with fabulous hotels, F&B outlets, a showcase of small businesses, improved logistics in the area as well as encouraging business migration from overseas into the country. This will help boost the economy and bring Foreign Direct Investments and business to Melaka and the country on the whole. It’s a big vision but I believe in it,” says Dato’ Leong. 

Dato’ Leong’s ambition includes helping to create job opportunities that will lead to a higher living standard as prosperity flows into the area, “starting with creating jobs related to the fashion and arts via our Straits Designers’ Gallery (SDG) and nurturing local talents and modelling via FashionTV Malaysia modelling academy.”

“What we have achieved thus far would not have been possible without the support of the Melaka State Government and the FashionTV franchise. In particular, the STI team looks forward to working closely with the State Government in rolling out our new initiatives in the future, which we hope will attract even more investors and visitors to this historic state,” Leong added.

“Sheng Tai has been promoting property tourism to their foreign buyers, and this initiative will not just boost the economy, but will also help to create more opportunities for local artisans and small businesses, to contribute to the Malaysian economy,” said YB Senator Tengku Datuk Seri Utama Zafrul Tengku Abdul Aziz. 

The Straits Designers’ Gallery (SDG)

STI’s vision of creating an international fashion and design hub in Melaka is currently centred on the Straits Designers’ Gallery (SDG) established in 2022, supported by celebrated Malaysian designer Bill Keith. Located adjacent to the AMES Hotel in Ayer Keroh, Melaka, the SDG is part of the fashion initiative that aims to gather local and international fashion designers at the Straits of Melaka to promote their brands and businesses. Local fashion brands under SDG will be able to cross over with other international luxury brands brought in by SDG. 

SDG is also a place to guide and nurture up-and-coming as well as student designers, offering exposure to international brands and facilitating exchange by giving a space to young international designers to reach fashion-conscious Malaysians. As a platform for local and international fashion industry practitioners to share experiences, the SDG features clothing, accessories and homeware from 20 labels - from West and East Malaysia and Asian countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines and Japan, with Vietnam and more to come. 

“Creating a fashion hub is a long-term endeavour that requires stakeholders across the board coming together – from designers to manufacturers of materials to models and marketers, from government bodies to industry organisations. Ultimately, we want to establish Melaka as a one-stop hub for specialty design and making apparel and accessories. With STI getting the FashionTV franchise in Malaysia, it’s a stepping-stone to get our brands to the world. Through our partnership with FashionTV, we believe there will be more opportunities for our local talents, be it models, influencers or fashion designers, to shine on the international stage. In addition, we are also honing entrepreneurial skills among our designer talent, not just their creative side, to ensure they are ready to break into the international business,” said Bill Keith.

Currently, STI’s owned Fashion TV Malaysia is partnering with international fashion and lifestyle broadcasting channel FashionTV Paris to train local models and promote local fashion designers and their designs in the international arena. As part of the partnership, the first FashionTV modelling academy in Southeast Asia has been opened at PJ and upcoming at the five-star AMES Hotel. The academy offers professional certificates in modelling for children, teenagers, male and female models, as well as fashion photography. 

About The Sail Melaka - an icon in the making

The Sail Melaka’s Phase One is completed in January 2023, as the Phase 1 of The Sail. The completed Phase One comprises the LSL Ballroom, Sheng Yan Restaurant and 26 retail units, which have been fully tenanted by Japanese business owners and are scheduled to open for business beginning Q1 2023. The total GDV for The Sail is estimated at RM6.5 billion. Scheduled for full completion by 2033, The Sail Melaka – the one of the tallest nine-tower linked structure in the world and is situated on a 27.5-acre plot strategically located in Kota Laksamana at the heart of the 33km Melaka Waterfront Economic Zone (M-WEZ), next to the Melaka Coastal Highway. 

The project features nine iconic towers connected by Unity Sky Ring bridge across the top of each building, the 460m length swimming pool linking all 9 towers, an Illuminating Sky Garden, Moon Theatre with 360˚ elliptical-shaped experiential centre, international sky-themed F&B outlets, one million sq ft of shopping space, convention and exhibition centre, estimated 100k sq ft of Snow Park & Ski centre, cultural retail square, luxury five- and six-star hotel and residences, business suites and retail units. 

The nine towers include a Fashion Tower which will eventually house the Straits Designers’ Gallery, a Wellness Tower that has attracted a group of over 60 Japanese doctors currently to help us set up stem cell lab by sharing know-how technology & etc, a Cultural Tower that will see the setting up of cultural centres by countries with historic ties to Melaka since the 15th century such as China and India and others, an AI Tower that is courting AI companies from Singapore and others, and an M Tower fully taken up by Hong Kong celebrity and former beauty queen Michelle Reis.

In conjunction with the completion of Phase 1, STI is holding the Sheng Tai Festival 2023 until 15 January 2023, featuring an ocean-themed bazaar, anime cosplay collections' booth, supercars display, fireworks by Pyrotex – UK’s Most Awarded Fireworks Display Company and stage performances.

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