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Four Gen Zs slay their passions with the Galaxy Buds2 Pro


Young, ambitious and thirsty for action, Gen Zs are passionate about many things – from their aspirations in life, to the movements they belong to, to the brands they love, and importantly, sharing these with the world on Instagram or TikTok. With the perfect combination of talent, resilience, opportunity, and the right tools, nothing can stop them from flying high and achieving their dreams.

Here’s how four cool kids slay their passions better, faster, harder, stronger with the Galaxy Buds2 Pro.

Salman Farish slays the fashion world

It was 2018 and young Salman Farish was devouring episode after episode of PAQ on YouTube, when he knew his next step was going to be in the glossy world of fashion. Working in high street retailer ZARA and getting his first modelling gig at 18, “It was just supposed to be a fun shoot with a friend, but later on I was offered modelling roles by a few local brands,” Salman recollects. Today, the Gen Z go-getter is a full-time content creator who models part-time and dabbles in film photography on the side.

Having an eye for detail, Salman carefully styles his OOTDs with ‘It’ accessories like his Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro. With an affinity for minimalism, he chose a pair in matte white and shares his styling idea for the earbuds, “An easygoing style is best. A two-tone outfit, casual or street, like a plain, long-sleeved boxy shirt with loose dark pants. Minimal like the colours of the earbuds. Tricolour is the best colour combination to go on a daily.” The Galaxy Buds2 Pro’s Bora Purple, Graphite and White come to mind.

Jia Song slays the dance floor

Dancing requires extreme concentration and perfect coordination, every move timed and executed flawlessly to the music, according to dancer and fitness enthusiast, Jia Song. When his Galaxy Buds2 Pro go on, the world goes out. “My dance trainings and gym sessions are more motivating and I have been able to stay highly focused with Active Noise Cancelling,” said the rising Gen Z content creator.

“The improved 24-bit Hi-Fi Audio makes sounds crystal clear and I can hear small details of any audio clearly!” In the midst of every jump or lunge, the Galaxy Buds2 Pro also stay intact in Jia Song’s ears. Its ergonomic design makes it a comfortable wear and he barely feels a thing, “Yes it’s still comfortable even after hours of use!”

Dancing is not the only use Jia Song has for the wonder earbuds… As a content creator, he’s involved in video productions and needs the best tools to create the best content, like the new 360 Audio Recording feature. The feature picks up 360-degree, high-quality sound using a microphone in each earbud, enabling anyone to capture realistic audio for videos without the need for bulky professional equipment. Continuing to expand his repertoire, the ambitious zoomer is going to slay his way into the modelling industry next with the Galaxy Buds2 Pro

Kamilia slays on the skateboard

“What’s the Prob Dog?” the beat rattles as Kamilia snaps on her skateboard. If she’s not skating, this cool kid finds herself at a dive spot, surf beach, hiking trail, or a café far away. Meanwhile, her travel companion, the Galaxy Buds2 Pro, finds itself in her ears, playing chill, hype and fun tunes to fill her headspace. These pleasures require good balance, good music and ZERO allowance for wired devices.

“The 360 Audio allow me to have more fun while skating. I can do a lot of tricks and turning on the board while enjoying the music,” she says. The Active Noise Canceling is her favourite feature by far and she loves being able to change modes conveniently with Touch Controls. Single tap to play a track, double tap to skip a track or answer calls, triple tap for the previous track, and touch and hold to switch noise controls. “Then, I can activate Ambient Mode with a tap or Voice Detect just by talking, which lets me have a conversation with someone or to be conscious of my surroundings. It helps me a lot, especially when I’m traveling,” said Kamilia.

Tammy slays on the guitar

One singing competition in primary school led Tammy down her musical career path. Driven by melodies, harmonies, and her idol, IU, this musician spends her days writing songs and mastering her guitar skills to produce covers and originals. “Songwriting expresses a range of ideas and feelings, and I often write my emotions in my lyrics. I’m currently working on some of my originals and I hope to bring out a message that inspires other people,” said Tammy.

Going over her compositions again and again, Tammy listens carefully to every note to ensure perfection. Her Galaxy Buds2 Pro’s 24-bit Hi-Fi Audio allows her to hear every tiny detail with crystal clear sound. “The audio is amazing, the bass and sound is just nice for me. The battery life is very long lasting, which is convenient and after fast charging, they last up to a whole day,” she says. After working hours, the 360 Audio makes movie night more exciting!

“I was at a cafe having brunch and a teenage girl came to ask me what earbuds I’m wearing because it looks minimalist and classic. This made my day,” Tammy related. It’s official – the Galaxy Buds2 Pro has cemented a firm place on Tammy’s list of ‘It’ accessories.

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