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New Play Shelf launch price and a live parent-child Play Workshop!

 Aden + Ren has recently launched a new product - the Waldorf-inspired Embun Play Shelf - that is designed to grow with children, promote independent play, and inspire creativity. The bottom shelf of the product is spacious enough to accommodate the popular Grimm's Large Stepped Pyramid, while the top features a dowel-like design that enables users to hang play silks or blankets to construct forts, tents, or other imaginative structures.

Despite being a humble shelf, Aden + Ren is enthusiastic about the product's potential to enhance play spaces and foster moments of independent play. As a token of appreciation for their loyal customers, Aden + Ren is offering a special launch price of RM600, which includes delivery within Klang Valley. Customers can activate the discount by using the provided link or entering the code 'EMBUN' at checkout.

Aden + Ren is also partnering with Wonder Village to organize a parenting workshop in March. The workshop will be led by Justina from Wonder Village, who will discuss the significance of play, how children learn through play, how to recognize their learning, and how to encourage and support play as parents. Aden + Ren is excited to participate in this event as they believe that respectful parenting and protecting play are fundamental in honoring children. To obtain more information about the Play IS Learning Workshop, including registration details, customers can visit Additionally, Aden + Ren is pleased to offer workshop participants exclusive discounts on their products worth up to RM150.