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Samsung’s Flip Pro Reimagines Interactive Displays

 With the rapid digitalisation of the workspace, Samsung’s all-new digital whiteboard, the Flip Pro (WMB), has proven to be a transformative solution that allows a wide variety of users – students, teachers, and colleagues alike - to work together unlike ever before. Offering new tools and accessibility to support the digital transition, the Flip Pro provides enhanced usability and specialized features to offer users increased flexibility and a greater capability to increase audience productivity and engagement. Teams can work smarter, faster, and better than ever thanks to this improved display innovation.

Best-in-class multi-touch

Be it in the boardroom or classroom, Samsung’s best-in-class multi-touch display lets you bring bold new ideas to life instantly. With a latency of just 26ms, the Flip Pro applies prediction logic to ensure a realistic, smooth drawing experience with 2,048 points of pressure built directly into the display. In addition to that, the Flip Pro enables multi-touch for up to 20 people for enhanced interactivity. Thanks to the fastest, most advanced touch technology Samsung has ever introduced, you can smoothly use your finger or stylus to create a satisfying drawing experience.

Collaborate seamlessly

To facilitate engagement and collaboration in the digitalised workspace, the Flip Pro makes it easy

to access and display multimedia content from any device with multiple connectivity options, including USB, HDMI, DP and OPS slots. Users can connect the display to any network and other devices through LAN port and wireless screen-mirroring. The Flip Pro also introduces 3-in-1 USB-C connectivity with a single port for screen mirroring, touch control and external device charging (max. 65W).

In addition to that, WebRTC (Real Time Communication) and AirPlay 2 allows users to project video content from their mobile devices to the display while SmartView+ capabilities ensure that networking occurs no matter the video caller’s location. With the ability to have up to 50 devices simultaneously linked to the display wirelessly while enabling multiple views on up to four screens, the Flip Pro empowers everyone to share bold, new ideas.

Designed with comfort and security in mind

In any space, the Flip Pro blends smoothly and seamlessly into the background, enhancing gatherings, while remaining easy to use. With a rear handle to facilitate modular workspaces[1], as well as a front control panel for quick access, the Flip Pro is designed to blend in seamlessly with its surroundings. What’s more, the Flip Pro enables users to easily and securely access remote PC, network drive and other third-party applications such as Office 365 and VMWare thanks to Knox. The Flip Pro’s display is also wrapped in a proprietary shatterproof film, ensuring the screen stays intact in the event of a break.

This Samsung Flip Pro is available in a 55’’, 65’’, 75” and 85” size, offering options for those looking to transform a room with the most advanced inclusive tools available. To get in touch with our sales team to discuss on the best Display options, please reach out to For more information, please visit: