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Sleep with the Galaxy Watch5 tonight, Ace What Matters Most Tomorrow


A good night’s sleep is the key to winning the next day. Good sleep improves your focus, mood, health and overall well-being, so you can give your 100% to the people and the things that matter most. 

There’s more to good sleep than just the hours spent in bed. Healthy sleep encompasses three major things – how much sleep you get, sleep quality, and a consistent sleep schedule. With the Galaxy Watch5, you can take real steps to improve all three! 

The Galaxy Watch5 is built with sleep tracking technology that will monitor your sleep patterns, track any movements, and see how they line up with your sleep score. The snoring detection feature records and alerts you to the sounds you make while you sleep. 

In addition, Samsung Health provides you with daily goals and a personalised Sleep Coaching Program based on your data to help you form better sleep habits and ace tomorrow!

Make your day EPIC with better sleep today. Start with the Galaxy Watch5: