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Wanna be the coolest kid on the block? Flaunt your Galaxy Buds2 Pro

 Gen Z kids are on top of all the trends especially in tech. When it comes to having the coolest accessories, they’ve raised the bar for everyone. A smartphone isn’t just a camera, it has to be a full-blown mini studio at the tip of your fingers. And so with TWS, the benchmark also goes beyond great sound quality – a pair of awesome TWS must “transport” you right in the middle of a concert or movie with sounds coming at you from every angle. It must be an irreplaceable, portable tool, functioning as both a mic to capture sound, and earphones to play it back. It must seamlessly connect from one device to another when you need to switch, because who can bother plugging and unplugging wires? 

Here’s why the Galaxy Buds2 Pro is the coolest accessory for Gen Z kids!


Stay connected at all times

Born at the cutting edge of the digital world with immediate access to information, Gen Z are always plugged in. With a phone in hand and the Galaxy Buds2 Pro in their ears, they can work, play, socialise and entertain themselves all day. 24-bit Hi-Fi gives them clear sound quality and 360 Audio brings them to a whole new dimension of enjoying music and movies. Plus, with an ergonomic design, they can wear it comfortably for hours and it stays snugly in place despite their active lifestyles.


Sync your Galaxy seamlessly

As their lives are shaped by technology, the Galaxy Buds2 Pro would be the perfect companion, as it allows Gen Z to immerse themselves in a seamless experience when connected to the entire Galaxy ecosystem. Users can Auto Switch between their phone, tablet, watch, TV, and other devices when they want to watch videos or listen to music, then answer calls or login to an online meeting.


Style your look with the coolest accessory

Gen Z adapts quickly to new technology and trends, and they are always up for trying out new things. From fashion to the minimalist culture to a lifestyle of everyday sustainability, the Galaxy Buds2 Pro hits all the right notes, with three eye-catching matte colours, Graphite, Bora Purple, and White, to elevate any outfit. Meanwhile, more than 90% of the product is made with repurposed fishing nets, or ghost nets, that could otherwise end up in the ocean.


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