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Beam Deepens Investment in Malaysia; Launches Central Warehouse in Selangor


Asia Pacific’s largest micromobility operator, Beam Mobility, has launched its Malaysian central warehouse in Subang Jaya, Selangor to support its growing footprint in the country. The 8,000sqft central warehouse services Beam's operations in Selangor, ensuring a steady supply of fully charged batteries and other hardware maintenance to its fleet on the ground. In addition, it will play a crucial role in Beam's existing warehouse network, functioning as Beam's main distribution, repair and hardware testing hub in Malaysia, as well as the primary hub for receiving overseas shipment and dispatching spare parts to all the other Beam warehouses across Malaysia. 

Beam currently operates in various cities in Malaysia, including Kuala Lumpur, Ampang Jaya, Petaling Jaya, Shah Alam, Kuantan, and Langkawi, and continues to work with Malaysian cities to bring its safe and fun micromobility sharing services to different communities. Beam employs a team of full-time staff which includes technicians and supervisors to run and operate the central warehouse. Moreover, the launch of the central warehouse provides more opportunities for workers in the gig economy as well. 

“This warehouse shows Beam’s commitment to continuous investments into Malaysia. It enables us to have an efficient supply chain for Beam’s services and continue creating job opportunities, especially in the gig economy. We look forward to continuing the expansion of our operations and serving Malaysians with dependable, alternative transport modes,” said Justin Tiew, General Manager of Beam Mobility Malaysia.

Apart from playing a crucial role in Beam’s existing warehouse network, the new central warehouse is also expected to service an average of 30 Beam e-scooters daily. This ensures that the micromobility provider’s fleet of e-scooters in the state is constantly in tip-top condition and is safe for use. For context, each Beam e-scooter carries a host of innovative tech under its hood, which undergo regular maintenance so that maximum safety is ensured.

Each vehicle is embedded with a GPS-tracking Internet of Things (IoT) device so that Beam can keep track of each e-scooter’s systems that alert the Beam team when an e-scooter should be brought back to the warehouse for maintenance. The IoT device also enables Beam to know exactly which e-scooters need to be tended to, its exact location for pick-up, and gives them the ability to take an e-scooter “offline” via the Beam App. 

Malaysia’s gig economy will also benefit from the opening of Beam’s new central warehouse, as this creates more opportunities for local talents to find jobs as Beam Rangers, the on-ground operations team who regularly patrol the streets of Klang Valley to collect, distribute, and maintain Beam’s shared e-scooters to meet ever-changing public demands and the authorities’ high standards for safety. These efforts are part of Beam’s involvement in the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation’s (MDEC) eRezeki programme, specially designed to create more jobs in the sharing economy. 

Finally, the Central Warehouse will continue to serve Beam’s commitment to its ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) efforts. Should unusable parts be found during the repair works, Beam will actively source for reliable partners to have these parts safely and appropriately recycled and effectively reduce wastage.

Beam has been a certified Climate Neutral operator since 2019. However, it has pledged to take its commitment to the planet a step further by being Climate Negative by 2025 through strategic partnerships with like-minded organisations, thorough research, and upholding better practices to be kinder to the planet.