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Groupe GM announces a Relaunch of its Occean Amenity Line

 In support of its Care About Earth program, Groupe GM, the world's leading player in the hotel amenity industry, is relaunching its Occean hotel line, with an emphasis on sustainability.

Based on active marine principles, Occean is a line of cosmetic products rich in toning and vitalising accents offered by the ocean. Its certified vegan formulas contain up to 98% of natural ingredients. Abundant in marine oligo-elements and marine algae Laminaria Digitata, the line creates a feeling of well-being thanks to the freshness drawn from its properties.

The new Occean product range will provide consumers with a refreshing and rejuvenating experience, combined with a reduced environmental impact.

The line is fully compliant with Groupe GM’s Care About Earth program, which aims to reduce the impact of its products on the environment and contribute to sustainability and to protect the planet for the generations to come. As an eco-responsible amenities supplier, Groupe GM consistently prioritizes the usage of plant-based materials, recycled plastics and the sourcing of renewable raw materials.

The line features 40 ml recycled bottles with the Vitality all over shampoo, Vitality cleansing gel, conditioning shampoo and gentle body milk. The Vitality all over shampoo and Vitality cleansing gel are also available in Ecopump, a 300ml large format dispenser. Ecopump features recycled plastic packaging and sealed bio-resin pumps. The pumps are sealed in order to ensure product origin, traceability and safety in compliance with EU cosmetic regulations. For easy installation of the Ecopump wall brackets made from stainless steel or ABS (black or white) plastic can be fixed onto the wall with 2 screws or double-sided tape. An RSPO-certified Gentle soap packaged in a 15g paper flowpack completes the line.

By choosing the eco-design way, Groupe GM offers hoteliers sustainable solutions and helps to guide them in their eco-friendly transition.

Laurent Marchand, President of Groupe GM, recently commented on the new range saying: “Producing high-quality hospitality lines for our clients and partners around the world has always been paramount to us. We understand the increasing need for eco-friendly products and creating packaging that is not harmful to the environment. The new Occean range embodies our commitments to excellence and customer care at Groupe GM and we will continue our efforts to ensure we contribute to a cleaner environment.”


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