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Not All Sleep is Equal – How Galaxy Watch5 Series Helps You Get the Sleep You Want


There’s a reason we sleep for approximately a third of our lives – sleep enables our bodies and minds to recover, and a lack of it reduces our ability to perform well and think clearly. Yet for many, achieving good sleep is a challenge that has only gotten worse over the past few years. That’s why Samsung is bringing sleep to the forefront by recognizing that quality sleep is foundational to our holistic health, and drawing attention to the importance of healthy sleeping habits worldwide. 

Samsung wants to help people optimize their nights like they do their days through innovative technologies like Galaxy Watch5 series. As sleep monitoring emerges as a health trend, already approximately 50% of Galaxy Watch users track their sleep patterns at least once a week, with 40% of them doing so more than three times a week . This helps build good habits, since once you better understand your sleep patterns, it becomes easier to improve and maintain them, leading to a healthier night’s sleep. 

To celebrate World Sleep Day on 17 March, as well as Sleep Awareness Week® by the National Sleep Foundation, Samsung is sharing useful tips for achieving a good night’s sleep . 

Understand Your Sleep Pattern to Build Better Habits

As everyone’s sleep pattern is different, it’s important to learn what’s unique about yours, and Samsung has made tracking and understanding that easy. Take Galaxy Watch’s BioActive Sensor. It monitors your unique sleeping patterns – whether you are awake, when you achieve deep sleep, and your blood oxygen level, for example – and presents the results to you the next morning in the Samsung Health app in a user-friendly, easy-to-understand way. 


But tracking isn’t enough by itself – establishing good habits is equally important, and Samsung makes it easy with Sleep Coaching Programme. It uses a personally tailored month-long program that tracks your sleep pattern over seven days, and then assigns one of eight sleep symbol animals to represent it. Sleep Coaching then sets you on a path to set healthy habits and routines to help you achieve a good night’s sleep more consistently. It keeps track of your daily activities and then gives tips and guidance to better manage them, from exercise and nutrition to mindfulness and health monitoring.


Create a Sleep-friendly Environment 

Even our sleep environment matters, and seemingly small things like screen light or room temperature can impact our sleep. Reduce distractions from your mobile devices by automatically syncing Sleep Mode between your Galaxy smartphone and Watch to mute notifications and change the phone background to grayscale. It also turns off Always On Display and ensures your Galaxy Watch will not activate when you touch the display or move your wrist. 

And when it comes to connected home devices, SmartThings lets you control a wide range of smart home products manufactured by both Samsung and partners. Galaxy Watch can also track when you fall asleep each night and automatically close bedroom blinds or turn off lights and the air conditioner. 

With a better understanding of your sleep patterns, you can set positive habits to achieve better sleep and make a positive impact on your overall wellness. Samsung is committed to continue enhancing our unique health experiences with solutions centered in sleep. Ongoing strategic partnerships with industry leaders, including the National Sleep Foundation, will continue to deliver on Samsung’s holistic sleep vision, offering even more intuitive and actionable insights to help everyone achieve their wellness goals.

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