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Samsung Malaysia Is Gaining MOMENTum with 23 Epic Moments

 Join Samsung Malaysia and capture 23 epic moments that'll last a lifetime with the Galaxy S23 Ultra! Whether you’re out exploring the city or chilling with your squad, the advanced camera capabilities allow you to capture every single moment in all its true colours.

Have you seen how lit the city gets when the sun goes down? It's a wonderland of neon vibes and colourful energy! With amazing tools, you can put your own creative spin on your shots. So let's hit the city after dark and capture moments that'll leave you with great stories to tell. 

Watch 23 Moments Series: Night Cityscape here - 

Check this out – with 200MP on the Galaxy S23 Ultra, there are always room for error whenever you forget to apply the rule of thumb for photography. With this upgrade, you can now capture high-resolution image with ease and crop it later based on your needs without compromising the image quality. 


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But it doesn't stop there! The Expert RAW  app is a game-changer for anyone who wants to take their photos to the next level. With this app, which is exclusively available on Galaxy Store , you can shoot and edit images like a pro, as the app directly adjusts the ISO, shutter speed, focus and more to create the desired feeling and effect. Additionally, there is Multiple exposures, which combines multiple images into one epic photo.


Watch 23 Moments Series: Neon Lights here - 

And here's the best part - you can experience all these incredible features for yourself at the Samsung Galaxy Space at APW, Bangsar until 12th March, 10pm! Samsung Malaysia is offering you a loan device to get actual hands-on experience in capturing the vibrant night of Galaxy Space, featuring four immersive spaces – The Alley, The Ballie, The Escape, and Splash Art.

Get actual hands-on experience at four immersive spaces, including The Alley, The Ballie, The Escape, and Splash Art, as Samsung Malaysia is offering you a loan device to capture the vibrant night in Galaxy Space. Photos will be shared with you through Quick Share when you return the device. 

But wait, there's more! The Galaxy Space also offers awesome workshops  like Latte Art and Fluid Canvas, and even a KPOP Dance Battle. Plus, you can chill out to some amazing busker performances after a fun-filled day. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to unleash your creativity, snap some awesome pics, and have some serious fun with the Galaxy S23 Ultra!

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