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Timelapse Videography with the Samsung S23 Ultra

 The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra offers a range of fun features to play with, and one of the coolest is the hyperlapse function. This feature is perfect for capturing stunning timelapses, whether it's a sunrise, sunset, or stargazing scene.

During our recent road trip to Cameron Highlands, we used the hyperlapse function to capture the beautiful scenery along the way. We also created a timelapse of the sunrise, which was absolutely breathtaking. To ensure that the timelapse footage was steady and smooth, we brought along a good and stable tripod or stand. With the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra's hyperlapse function and a steady tripod, we were able to capture some amazing timelapse footage on our road trip!

Timelapse Cloudy Sunrise in Cameron Highlands


Timelapse : Driving at Sungai Palas Cameron Highlands

 How to make your own Hyperlapse 

1. Go to your camera

2. Go to MORE 

3. Press on Hyperlapse

If you haven't tried using the hyperlapse function on your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, now's the perfect time to give it a go! Whether you're capturing the beauty of nature, the excitement of a road trip, or simply exploring the possibilities of this fun feature, you're sure to have a great time playing around with hyperlapse. Don't forget to bring along a stable tripod or stand to ensure your timelapse footage turns out smooth and steady. Give it a try and see what amazing moments you can capture with your Samsung Galaxy  Galaxy S23 Ultra!

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