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Versatile & Affordable Galaxy A14 for every Gen MZ out there

Versatile, trendy, powerful, and affordable – the Galaxy A series is THE smartphone for every Gen MZ type on the planet. Now the newly launched Galaxy A14 has landed in Malaysia, putting incredible innovation and connected experiences into the hands of Gen MZs at an amazingly accessible price point. 

Which of the Galaxy A14 features represent you? Read on to find out.

Camera for the Instagrammer-TikToker 
Gen MZs have a symbiotic relationship with Instagram and TikTok. They take from it and they give to it, resulting in hours of hilarious, aesthetic, and trending content. To this generation of content creators, the camera is one of the most important features of a smartphone, some would say, the deciding factor. With selfies or wefies being everybody’s favourite content, the Galaxy A14’s improved 13MP Front Camera compared to Galaxy A13 gives you a huge leap in selfie quality, so you put your best face forward for the world to see.

At the back of the phone, you’ve got the powerful 50MP Main Camera, turning each shot is an Instagram masterpiece and bringing every detail of your highest resolution photos to life. When you want to shoot a panoramic video like at a concert or travel vlog, you can activate the 5MP Ultra Wide Camera for wide and ultra wide landscapes. Then switch to your 2MP Macro Camera when you can capture the tiniest details like close ups of the beauty of nature or if you’re doing a tutorial. 

Display for the binge watcher or gamer
If binge watching shows or playing mobile games is your thing, then you’ll enjoy a spectacular experience with Full HD+ resolution on the Galaxy A14. Images are sharper and more detailed for your viewing pleasure. On this massive 6.6” screen , you don’t have to squint hard to follow the action and you can do a movie marathon all day, every day without stressing out your eyes.
Long lasting battery for the social butterfly or adventurer
For the Gen MZ with a ton of energy who spends more time outside the home, whether you’re hitting all the social events, or just love finding adventure outdoors, you’re gonna need a phone that’s as robust are you are. The Galaxy A14’s massive 5,000mAh multi-day battery  and improved adaptive power management will let keep up with your passions both day and night.


RAM Plus & Galaxy Experience for the go-getter
Were you voted most likely to succeed in school? Got high-flying ambitions and big plans for life? Then the Galaxy A14 is the phone to help get you there. RAM Plus  enables you to launch more apps faster, so you can multitask like champ. Large, expandable storage  up to 1TB lets the overachiever in you save more photos, videos and documents. 

Sustainable innovation for the eco warrior
Eco warriors care very much about minimising their footprint on the environment and they make lifestyle choices around this ethos. The Galaxy A14 meets your everyday sustainability goals as it is designed with eco-friendly materials. Recycled plastic is used in the device’s components, while its accessories are made with bio-based TPU. Samsung also uses recycled paper for the packaging and is always exploring ways to minimise it, in order to reduce the amount of energy used in transporting the products. 

Stylish design for the fashion forward
Beauty is reflected both inwardly and outwardly when it comes to the Galaxy A14’s sleek uni-body and outline, a signature Galaxy design feature. Turn it over and you will appreciate the delicate lenticular texture along the back cover and the refined, polished camera deck. The Galaxy A14 comes in black, dark red and silver  for every fashion personality among the Gen MZ. 

Enjoy free 2 year  extended warranty and 4 years  of updates when you purchase the Galaxy A14 starting 9 March till 31 December 2023. 


Purchase the Galaxy A14 in any Samsung Experience Stores, Samsung Authorised Retailers and Samsung Online Store from today onwards! Get yours now: