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Awesome Worry-Free Ownership Experience with Galaxy A54 5G | A34 5G

 When it comes to durability, Samsung inspires consumer trust and quality assurance across its mobile products – from the versatile and affordable Galaxy A54 5G and Galaxy A34 5G to its flagship range. The Galaxy A54 5G and Galaxy A34 5G boasts Awesome Durability. 

To top it off, the newest Galaxy A Series models offer up to 5 years of security updates, 4 times Android OS updates and a 2-year warranty . This 5+4+2 bundle enables you to be on the latest software, security, and warranty for longer, to maximise your smartphone’s lifecycle. You can rest assured that your smartphone, which in many ways is like a close companion, will be by your side for longer.

Delivering more than just mobile innovation that enhances people’s lifestyles, Samsung also provides the best service for an awesome, worry-free ownership experience with a 2-year warranty1 for the Galaxy A54 5G and Galaxy A34 5G. The standard 1-year warranty + 1-year extension is a testament to Samsung’s confidence on the durability of every one of its mobile devices!

The warranty provides support for manufacturing defects and premature device failures, giving you greater peace of mind. Along with that, amazing customer service and tech care are available to you:

Check out Samsung’s website to know what’s covered in your warranty at a glance, as well as to register your product. It is recommended that you register your smartphone to get help quickly and efficiently if ever the need arises.

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Purchase these models from now until 30 April 2023 to enjoy these awesome deals:

Get a free casing  and 2-year warranty1 when you purchase the Galaxy A54 5G or Galaxy A34 5G.

Enjoy 30% purchase-with-purchase on a travel adapter  when you purchase the Galaxy A54 5G, Galaxy A34 5G, Galaxy A14 LTE, or Galaxy A14 5G.

Get the Galaxy Buds2  at only RM149 with the 70% purchase-with-purchase deal when you buy the Galaxy A54 5G.


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