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Beam Mobility Reiterates Commitment to Safety; Employs Innovative Tech Hardware of Highest Standards in All E-Scooters

 The mass rollout of micromobility vehicles in cities across Malaysia requires plenty of in-depth discussions and preparations between authorities and service operators beforehand. This is understandable and encouraged, as the introduction of the new method of getting around has the potential to completely redesign not just mobility, but the way cities flow. That aside, the most important topic to address by far in rolling out micromobility services is the safety of users and citizens.

Beam Mobility, Malaysia’s premier micromobility service operator, has been operational in Malaysia since 2019 and is now present in six cities including Kuala Lumpur, Ampang Jaya, Petaling Jaya, Shah Alam, Kuantan, and Langkawi. Its services continue to draw interest from other states nationwide, but more thorough discussions will need to be carried out so that the safety of users, pedestrians, motorists, and all citizens are ensured.

“The safety of our users and everyone around them is our utmost priority at Beam. Before releasing our vehicles onto the streets for Malaysians to use, we carry out stringent tests to ensure that they are safe for mass, daily use. We maintain regular conversations with authorities to uphold and improve safety via micromobility while providing the best e-scooter experiences to all,” said Justin Tiew, General Manager of Beam Mobility Malaysia.

To date, Beam equips its e-scooters with innovative, state-of-the-art tech hardware to guarantee riders the highest standards of safety possible. For example, all of Beam’s e-scooters in Malaysia are equipped with Internet of Things (IoT) devices on par with the industry’s best global standards. This allows Beam to constantly track the precise location of every e-scooter, ensuring that any inappropriate use or placement of vehicles can be identified and resolved immediately by Beam Rangers, the company’s on-ground operations team.

This works in tandem with Beam’s geofencing feature, which allows the micromobility operator to control its e-scooters remotely, ensuring that users are only travelling in permitted areas. For example, should a user travel into prohibited areas, the e-scooter will automatically sound a loud alarm and immediately slow down to a stop. Additionally, Beam’s e-scooters have a fixed speed limit of 25km/h which cannot be broken by users, even when going downhill.

All of Beam’s e-scooters are made of aircraft-grade aluminium to ensure durability, while the batteries installed have undergone rigorous tests including extreme fire conditions and are certified with the highest levels of international safety. Additionally, all Beam e-scooters undergo regular checks and maintenance by the on-ground operations team to ensure that the hardware are in tip-top condition and are safe to use. Lastly, all of Beam’s e-scooters in Malaysia are identifiable at all times as vehicle has license plates installed and users are required to register for an account using personal details and age verifications to prevent usage by under-age citizens.

Beam employs the best, most innovative technologies to ensure that its e-scooters not only give riders the smoothest rides, but the safest rides as well. To date, Beam continues to work closely with Malaysian Federal Agencies and authorities to run safe and secure operations.

“At Beam, we believe that operating all types of micromobility vehicles in a regulated space provides certainty and safety for all stakeholders. We will continue to ensure that our e-scooters on Malaysian streets are of the highest quality and support the government in their aim to make Malaysian cities flow better and safely,” concluded Justin Tiew.