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Beam Offers Ramadan Promotion Until 23rd April and Is Now Available At 15 New Locations in Petaling Jaya

During the month of Ramadan, traffic can often be unpredictable and heavily congested as millions of Malaysians rush home after work in a short space of time to prepare to break their fast. Major roads, neighborhoods, and popular hotspots that host Ramadan bazaars are often crowded with people and cars too, and with parking being a common issue in these areas, it can make the whole experience tiresome and confusing.

This Ramadan, skip the stresses of traffic jams, congestion, and parking by hopping on and off a Beam e-scooter to your destination! From now till 23rd April, take advantage of Beam’s Ramadan Promotion to enjoy RM2 Beam Credit Cashback for every group ride taken. 

With its compact size, accessibility, and availability in various Klang Valley neighbourhoods such as Ampang Jaya, Taman Melawati and Shah Alam’s Seksyen 7 and 14, Malaysians will be able to travel quickly and safely around the city – be it towards public transportation hubs or their local Ramadan bazaars! Beam’s e-scooters can also be of great use for Muslims travelling to and from their local mosques to perform their nightly Terawih prayers.

A trip on Beam’s e-scooters can easily save Malaysians ample time on their round trips to the bazaar when compared to cars. As a result, these areas can see reduced congestion and carbon emissions, making it safer and more comfortable for pedestrians to roam, and for vendors to operate.

Beam is Now Available in 15 New Areas In Petaling Jaya

Aside from the Ramadan Promotion, Beam announces the introduction of Beam’s e-scooters into 15 new areas around Petaling Jaya, improving the first and last-mile connectivity of PJ’s vast suburban neighbourhoods, and encouraging public transport use.

These 15 locations in Petaling Jaya are as follows:






SS21 Seksyen 13

Seksyen 16

Seksyen 17

Seksyen 20

Seksyen 21

Seksyen 22 PJU 1




Hop onto a Beam e-scooter today! New riders can immediately make full use of the promo period by downloading the app via the Apple Store or Google Play Store!

Stay up to date on Beam’s latest promotions and discounts at Beam Malaysia’s official Facebook or Instagram channels.