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Get 4x Android OS Updates on Galaxy A


You’re in the middle of a high octane game or just leisurely watching a video on YouTube, when a pop-up interrupts your me-time. It’s prompting you to update your Android OS. There are two kinds of people … Are you the person who clicks Update Now? Or the one who clicks Later? 

No one likes to be interrupted and you may be tempted to skip the update until later, but OS updates are necessary to keep your smartphone running smoothly. Here are the two possible outcomes of each scenario and why you should care:


4 x Android OS Updates

Security is the No. 1 reason to update your OS immediately. Updates may come with security patches that developers are constantly strengthening and reinforcing to protect you from all kinds of cyber risks. Outdated security systems on the other hand leave your smartphone open to vulnerabilities. It would be like leaving your key out on the welcome doormat for cybercriminals to waltz in and plant malware, steal your information, corrupt your files, and other nasty activities. 

Secondly, updating your OS ensures that your smartphone is compatible with the latest technology for a smoother experience. Get the latest and greatest features, while removing old ones that are no longer relevant. Without updates, your smartphone may not be able to work with newer technology, and you wouldn’t want to deal with a laggy, buggy, sluggy, teletubby. 

With the Galaxy A54 5G and Galaxy A34 5G, you get not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 times Android OS updates. That way, your smartphone will be in good hands for longer. Along with that, you’ll also get the latest One UI updates that let you play around with personalisation. For example, the current One UI 5.1 lets you edit your photos and videos to make your own lock screens and wallpapers. Have fun customising stickers, emojis, even GIF memes awe-day!

5 Years Security Updates + 2 Year Warranty

Samsung is also offering up to up to 5 years of security updates and a 2 year warranty on the newest Galaxy A54 5G and Galaxy A34 5G for a worry-free ownership experience. Consumers can have higher assurances on Samsung’s trusted mobile security, which covers its affordable Galaxy A Series range, as it does Samsung’s flagship range. Enjoy privacy, performance, and stability improvements throughout your smartphone’s lifespan for longer.

And to give you greater peace of mind, the 2 year warranty , provides lifespan support for manufacturing defects and premature device failures. The standard 1 year warranty + 1 year extension is a testament to Samsung’s confidence on the durability of every one of their mobile devices, so you know that your smartphone will by your side in all ways. 

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