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42 Kuala Lumpur Launches Impact Report Showcasing Success in Developing Highly Skilled Tech Talents

 42 Kuala Lumpur (42KL), an innovative computer science school, has achieved remarkable success in placing more than 60 individuals in tech-related roles through its unconventional educational model of learning with no teachers, no classes, and no fees. This achievement is highlighted in the school's inaugural impact report, highlighting the progress made since the launch of the programme and the future commitments for the next decade. 

According to the report, an impressive number of 8,500 individuals have registered with 42KL. Out of these, more than 650 have actively participated in the intensive four-week bootcamp known as 'Piscine,' and over 250 individuals have enrolled as students since the school's inception in late 2020.

Moreover, the report emphasises 42KL's track record in producing highly skilled graduates who possess a blend of strong technical expertise and essential soft skills necessary for success in the workforce. The school's unique educational approach, which is based on merit-based admission, ensures that anyone, regardless of their academic qualifications or socioeconomic status, can join the programme free of charge.

The goal is to create a sustainable talent pipeline for the workforce by developing 10,000 industry-ready graduates over the next decade through 42 Malaysia. It is a joint venture partnership between Sunway Education Group and Khazanah Nasional Berhad's Dana Impak initiative. The programme is further supported by a host of 13 industry partners including Sunway Group, who share the same mission of strengthening the national digital ambition.

Situated within the FutureX building in Sunway City Kuala Lumpur, 42KL operates in a collaboration with Sunway Education Group, Jeffrey Cheah Foundation, Sunway iLabs, and Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation.

At 42KL, students collaboratively engage in project-based learning with their peers in a gamified environment. They learn with and from one another through a guided learning framework, which gives them autonomy over their learning progress. Through this approach, students acquire foundational coding principles and soft skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, leadership, and communication skills that are essential for the ever-changing world of work. 

“At the core of it, we level the playing field in providing access to education for all individuals, regardless of academic qualifications and socioeconomic factors. Our curriculum provides a supportive environment where students can learn at their own pace, explore their interests, and develop a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. With our industry partnerships, our students gain the practical 

experience that makes them adaptable to various work settings and prepares them for success in the workforce” said Jeff Sandhu, 42Malaysia chief operating officer.

He continued, "We find that when students are provided with a supportive learning environment and the necessary resources, they are empowered to achieve great things. They thrive because our educational model cultivates lifelong learners and allows students to take ownership of their journey rather than expecting them to fit into a traditional mould,". 

With over 90 percent of the students who have either withdrawn or completed the programme having landed jobs in digital-related fields, 42KL has become a launchpad to a rewarding career.

Head over to our website to read our Impact Report ( Applications are open for the upcoming Piscine bootcamp in August and September 2023. We welcome more industry partners who are interested in developing and recruiting Malaysia’s top tech talents.