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G-SHOCK 40th Anniversary Recrystallized Series


Casio has released the G-SHOCK Recrystallized series which is designed to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the G-SHOCK brand. The GMW-B5000PG and GMW-B5000PS are made even tougher, employing a deep-layer hardening process*1 on stainless steel.

*1 This process creates a hard layer by infusing gas into the surface of the steel, hardening the material itself rather than coating it to harden the outside.

The GMW-B5000PG and GMW-B5000PS are based on the full-metal GMW-B5000D, which faithfully reproduces the iconic shape of the very first G-SHOCK, the DW-5000C. Both of these 40th anniversary models employ extremely hard stainless steel for exterior components such as the bezel and band.

With this latest advance in the continuous G-SHOCK evolution that began back in 1983, Casio has developed a deep-layer hardening process specifically for stainless steel, achieving a material that is approximately three times harder than ordinary stainless steel. Recrystallization adds a design element, with the stainless steel heat-treated and recrystallized to create crystalline patterns against a matte texture, giving the rugged appearance of fine metal fragments scattered across the surface.

Each individual component features a unique crystalline grain, delivering subtle differences in pattern, color and luster for each timepiece.

The gold ion-plated GMW-B5000PG and silver GMW-B5000PS are both incorporate special features — the 40th anniversary logo on the case back, the phrase “SINCE 1983” on the dial, and  star on the Mode button on the lower left side of the case.

Casio also released the DW-5040PG, which features a dial engraved with the words “PROJECT TEAM ‘Tough,’” the name of the team that worked to develop the very first G-SHOCK. For this reissue of the original G-SHOCK design, the deep-layer hardening process is applied to the case back, buckle, band loop, and other metal components. Biomass plastics are used in the bezel and band.

They are now available in Malaysia on Casio E-commerce Website, G-SHOCK Store, G-Factory and Casio Authorised Dealers, retailing at:- 

GMW-B5000PG - RM4,495.00

GMW-B5000PS - RM4,345.00

DW-5040PG  - RM1,645.00