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Good Virtues Co. becomes the FIRST BRAND to collaborate with UiTM to nurture the next generation of Malaysian business leaders

The Challenge, designed by Good Virtues Co., kicked off in July 2022 with UiTM as a partnering platform to empower young Malaysians with real-life entrepreneurial knowledge and skills. With the theme, "In Doing Good, We Believe That Good Is Returned," participants were encouraged to give back to society while tackling the competition. Good Virtues Co. is also the first brand to collaborate with UiTM where every submission for the Do Good Challenge contributed to the credit-bearing SULAM Program which is part of an approved curriculum as set by the Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia in an effort to produce holistic, balanced graduates with an entrepreneurial mindset.

“For Good Virtues Co., this collaboration with UiTM has been a pivotal one to help us directly engage with and inspire our Muslim users. We are honoured to be the first brand to successfully assimilate into UiTM’s SULAM Program that is also approved by the Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia. The overwhelming response we received was a clear testament to the power of the Do Good Challenge in reaching and connecting with our consumers and future business leaders’ that truly embody our brand message that ‘there is more to beauty than what the world sees on the outside’,” said Lum Chong Heng, City Chemo Manufacturing Sdn Bhd Commercial Director.

The first of its kind, the Do Good Challenge is a competition that allows UiTM students to pitch innovative ideas to a panel of judges covering four key Community Engagement areas, namely Education, Health, Humanitarianism and the Environment.

Executed across 30 UiTM campuses, the competition garnered over 7,000 entries where students were given the opportunity to apply their learnings to real-life situations that harness their civic responsibility. Over four phases, participants underwent submissions, workshopping and training, until five finalists were selected to receive a seed funding of RM8,000. The five finalists* then showcased their business proposal results to impress the judging panel with their final pitches for the chance at the Grand Prize of RM30,000 as announced at the finale yesterday.

Celebrity entrepreneur and judge, Dayah Bakar said, “I was totally blown away by the quality of the pitches and ideas submitted for the Do Good Challenge. It is fantastic to see brands like Good Virtues Co. helping UiTM students bring their knowledge and skills into the ‘real world’ with competitions like this while advocating a civic conscious mindset”.

The success of the Do Good Challenge has set a path for continued collaboration between Good Virtues Co. and UiTM for Season 2. The second season will begin in Oct 2023 and expand its inclusion to campuses in East Malaysia.

For more information on Good Virtues Co. or the Do Good Challenge, visit their social media handles on Instagram at @goodvirtuesco and its Facebook page at GoodVirtuesCo.MY. The brand's hashtags include #goodvirtuesco and #celebrateyournoor, while the competition’s hashtag is #dogoodchallenge.