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OKG Global Business Services commended for AI-powered OKX Help chatbot

 OKG Global Business Services has earned recognition at the recently concluded Malaysia Technology Excellence Awards 2023, thanks to the OKX Help chatbot providing AI-powered assistance to the company’s customers.


The OKX Help chatbot, which was implemented in 2021, was conceptualised after the company noticed that numerous customers who were connected to live support had repetitive queries. Using AI, tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as learning, solving simple enquiries, and decision-making are now performed through the bot.


Complex data and reason are analysed and then be used in algorithms and computational models so the AI can make predictions and decisions based on said data. In addition to this, to improve the AI’s capabilities, the team behind the platform has launched various strategies that transformed the FAQ chatbot into a semi-transactional bot that allows customers to make a transaction within the context of a conversation.


As part of its goal to improve customer experience, the team behind the OKX Help chatbot initiated various API integration projects for conditional smart predictive models. In the year 2022 alone, several key strategies were implemented to drive positive results in the bot’s performance.


Firstly, it enabled IP region detection on the customer's end to automatically offer preferred languages, minimise language selection for 90% of users, and increase the AI’s language adoption. The retrieval of data from existing open orders was also implemented, thereby eliminating the series of steps to check existing order statuses and providing direct handoff to support agents for any failures.


The platform was also given the capability to detect a customer’s fee level in order to provide better service to users who have higher trading tiers. On top of that, it has also been improved to allow quick merchant conversion by checking eligibility when customers log in to their OKX account and prompting specific intents for conversion.


Overall, OKX Help has been valuable in automating customer service and other support functions. It can help businesses provide more efficient and effective customer service whilst reducing operational costs.


Now, direct handoff to human support has been eliminated, and 80% of the company’s chats with human support have been reduced by 80%. The chatbot has also been performing well in terms of recognition rate, at about 95% on average. Meanwhile, the cost-saving measure has resulted in a reduction of more than 29 FTE positions per month, or about MYR130,500.


It is for these achievements that OKG Global Business Services was awarded the AI - Financial Technology award at the recently concluded Malaysia Technology Excellence Awards.


The Malaysia Technology Excellence Awards aims to honour exceptional companies that are riding the disruption wave and leading the digital transformation journeys of their respective industries to boost Malaysia’s fast-growing economy.


The Malaysia Technology Excellence Awards is presented by Asian Business Review Magazine. To view the full list of winners, click here. If you want to join the 2024 awards programme and be acclaimed for your company's outstanding contributions in pursuit of technological innovation, please contact Danica Avila at