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Style Your BESPOKE Top Mount Freezer for Better Living Lifestyle

 What is the one thing in every home that is always on and necessary? Without a doubt, our refrigerator, the unsung hero responsible for keeping our fresh food alive and our beverages frosty. 

Colour Brings Out the Character in You

The most prevalent colour that springs to mind while thinking of refrigerators is often the standard larger silver-grey appliances. But if you're looking for a colourful appliance that can keep up with your active lifestyle, look no further than BESPOKE Top Mount Freezer (TMF). You can't go wrong with a fully personalized fridge that matches your kitchen's style and the rest of your home's meticulously curated aesthetic. 

BESPOKE Top Mount Freezer in White + Navy


BESPOKE Top Mount Freezer in Vanilla + Peach

That’s why, with our BESPOKE refrigerator, customization is the key! You can choose from a variety of stylish panels in 7 BESPOKE colors which are White + Pink, Vanilla + Peach,  White + Peach, White + White, White + Vanilla, Cotta White + Cotta Charcoal and White + Navy to spruce up your refrigerator cover whatever you like. You can also choose between steel  and glass for the refrigerator's exterior finishing touch, adding the aesthetic-ness and enhancing the overall ambience of your kitchen.

Longer, Stronger Life Span

Don't stress yourself over how long your fridge will last. The BESPOKE Refrigerator's inner workings are particularly important to think about, given the fridge's one-of-a-kind BESPOKE colour on the exterior. With the help of a Digital Inverter Compressor, you can keep your refrigerator in good working order for longer with less effort and less noise. Your refrigerator's compressor will be covered by a 20-year warranty, giving you peace of mind as you store foods in the rear.

When we can imagine something vividly and experience its individuality, we are more likely to remember it for longest time. So it is time to add more vibrancy into your life, and the BESPOKE Refrigerator is just the thing to do it. Now, is time to enhance your personal space with Samsung BESPOKE Refrigerator. 

Check out BESPOKE Top Mount Freezer’s Retail Recommended Price with capacity ranges from 404L to 476L below:

Product Name

Model Code


BESPOKE Top Mount Freezer

476L, RT47CB66448C


            476L, RT47CB66448J

            427L, RT42CB66443P


            427L, RT42CB664412

            427L, RT42CB66443V

427L, RT42CB6644C3

404L, RT38CB66448A

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