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Trade Up Your Old Galaxy Note for Better Security & Peace of Mind on The Galaxy S23 Ultra


Smartphones hold our entire world within them – from financial services, to storing our personal and sensitive data, as well as confidential work files. For many, the Galaxy Note series was that world. As technology continues to evolve, we grow along with it, becoming more aware of security and privacy issues, as well as becoming more careful in protecting ourselves from the dangers of cyberspace, including getting the latest software updates.

The latest Galaxy S23 Ultra offers 5 years of security updates and 4 generations of Android OS updates, so you trust that you’re getting the best-in-class protection for a longer time. Secured by Knox, you don’t have to sweat it over being hacked, or worry about malware and spyware breaches. With this assurance, you also won’t lose sleep over information leaks, especially when it comes to payment details, and you can use apps like Samsung Wallet with total confidence.

Plus, there are extra benefits with Samsung’s Privacy Protection features that give you greater peace of mind. For example, you can customise permissions to third-party apps to have access only to specific photos or videos you allow, while other files in your storage will keep remain inaccessible. Additionally, you can share files privately and prevent resharing, through read-only versions, blocking screenshots, and setting expiration dates for files.

From now until 30 June, customers who purchase any model will get the additional rebate up to RM1,000.




Galaxy S23



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Galaxy S23 Ultra



For eco-savvy consumers, you can also trade in and enjoy great savings with RM500 instant rebate! It’s time to upgrade to the Galaxy S23 Ultra: