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From Squash Icon to Changemaker with a Cause: Datuk Nicol David Embraces Multiple Roles in AIA Malaysia's New “Subscribe to a Better Life” Campaign

Immersed in a world where energy abounds, where vibrant scenes effortlessly transition from one to another, we find Nicol. From engaging in an epic clash of squash titans, to twirling in a kitchen where fruits and vegetables dance in mid-air, to exuding confidence and captivating audiences, and finally to recharging the body and mind with martial arts, Nicol Lives with Vitality.

AIA Malaysia, one of the country’s leading insurance and takaful providers, unveiled its latest one-of-a-kind campaign, "Subscribe to a Better Life", with a brand film that features Malaysia’s own squash legend and philanthropic visionary, Datuk Nicol David. It shows Nicol embracing multiple roles in a purposeful and dynamic way that is reflective of a life lived with vitality.  


AIA Malaysia Ambassador, Datuk Nicol David stars in AIA’s Subscribe to A Better Life Campaign 

The campaign is a creative expression of AIA’s intention to empower Malaysians to embrace a better life – one that is healthy, active and vibrant. Tapping into Malaysians’ familiarity and love for on-demand streaming platforms, AIA was inspired to build a brand story that resonates with the everyday-joe by presenting its solutions and offerings as movies and tv shows that are personalised to their profiles. 

Heng Zee Wang, Chief Marketing Officer of AIA Malaysia, expressed his excitement on the launch of this new campaign: “We understand that the insurance market is often clouded with a lot of jargon. This – in addition to the numerous solutions, offerings and initiatives out there – it is sometimes hard to even know where to begin. “Subscribe to a Better Life” aims to cut through the clutter, by breaking down barriers and complexities of insurance jargon and presenting our story in a way that is most familiar to Malaysians, yet fun and engaging at the same time.” 

Datuk Nicol David, who is also AIA Malaysia’s ambassador, echoed the sentiment. Speaking about the campaign, she shared: “When I was first introduced to the concept, I was immediately attracted by it and I had fun collaborating with AIA to bring the idea to life. We all subscribe to many things in life for the convenience and the ease of access offered, be it gym memberships, meal plans, and even the ubiquitous streaming channels. So why not Subscribe to a Better Life too? It is my hope that this campaign by AIA will inspire many more Malaysians to Live with Vitality and achieve their life aspirations.” 

The campaign is anchored on an educational and interactive website that is designed like a streaming service interface. The website aims to reshape how individuals engage with insurance, helping them realise their life aspirations through curated content that features a line-up of AIA’s solutions and offerings, including its proprietary Total Health and Wealth Solution ecosystem. 


Catering to different needs and wants, AIA’s Subscribe to a Better Life Microsite features a variety of offerings to suit different lifestyle aspirations.

Zee Wang added: “We are really proud to bring a campaign that is bold, unique and a little bit amusing. We know that it will help elevate people’s experience as they interact with us. With just a click of a button, you are transported to a world of personalised health and wealth solutions that will help you navigate through your journey towards living a healthier, longer and better life. I believe that we are on to something truly exciting, as we continue to make insurance more accessible and palatable for people, no matter what their needs are and which stage they are in life,” he added.

Committed to the holistic well-being of Malaysians, "Subscribe to a Better Life" transcends traditional insurance and takaful protection. AIA Malaysia provides comprehensive support for healthy habits, financial planning, and overall lifestyle improvement, ensuring that Malaysians can live their lives to the fullest.

To Subscribe to a Better Life with AIA Malaysia, visit