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Minimalist or Maximalist; with Samsung’s Bespoke Refrigerator, Everything is Possible!

The aromatic blend of spices, the sound of sizzling goodness, the mixing of heart and soul to create a dish for you and your loved ones – this is where all the magic in the house happens, your lovely kitchens. This space has probably served you for many, many, years; if not, for many more years to come. So, how about you give it a new pop of colour with Samsung’s new BESPOKE Top Mounted Freezer (TMF) refrigerators!

To the minimalists

If you’re a minimalist, you like things simple – anything from neutrals to monochromatic to muted colours. When buying something, you want it to work in harmony with the space around it. The new Bespoke refrigerators bring you 7 unique colours to choose from. Want your kitchen to look warm and earthy? Cotta White + Cotta Charcoal will help you achieve this look. Or stick to the basics of White + White because you can never go wrong with an all-white ensemble.  


Cooking wise, you like foods that are simple to prepare, ones with the least ingredients, chances are… you won’t have many ingredients in your fridge. So, why not monitor and conserve energy while you’re at it with SmartThings AI Energy mode  – activate Saving mode to reduce energy use by up to 7% !

To the maximalists

Bold colours, mix and match, patterns, textures… Getting excited already? Yup, you are definitely a maximalist. Spice up your kitchen with some Vanilla + Peach action for a fresh and stylish look. 


As a maximalist, you’re probably an adventurous gourmet, always wanting to experiment with different ingredients to create new and innovative dishes. Keep those ingredients fresh and stay healthy with your adventurous lifestyle using the Optimal Fresh+ drawer . Switch between four different modes to store different foods and watch them last twice as long .

To everyone who are neither mini or maxi
Colours aside, this is where the Bespoke refrigerators’ versatility showcases itself. Whether you’re a single, a couple, or a family of five; we have fridge storage volumes to fit every lifestyle need. The refrigerators also come backed up by a 20-year-warranty  on the compressor to keep you worry-free. 

The Retail Recommended Pricing of the BESPOKE Top Mount Freezer Refrigerator with gross capacity ranges from 404L to 476L are:

Product Name

Model Code


BESPOKE Top Mount Freezer Refrigerator

476L, RT47CB66448A


476L, RT47CB66448C

476L, RT47CB66448J

476L, RT47CB664422

427L, RT42CB66443P


427L, RT42CB664412

427L, RT42CB66443V

427L, RT42CB6644C3

404L, RT38CB66448A

For more details on Samsung’s BESPOKE Top Mount Freezer Refrigerator, please visit:

For more information on Samsung’s Bespoke Top Mounted Freezer Refrigerators, please visit: