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The Galaxy Z Fold4’s Big Screen is the Biggest Life Hack You Need

 Show me the life hack that you randomly saw one day, that is now an unconscious standard practice in your life. I'll go first. You can get so much more done in one day, and eventually achieve your bigger life goals, while having fun too with the Galaxy Z Fold4.

Work smarter with the Galaxy Z Fold4. Unfold it for a bigger space to multitask and jump from emails to video calls, to your notes, all on one screen thanks to Multi View. Never lose your momentum with Taskbar  for quicker navigation of your most-used apps. And with one tap, you can launch up to three apps simultaneously with App Pair . 

Reach for your Galaxy Z Fold4 first when you feel like unwinding with a movie or game night. The larger screen, Dynamic AMOLED 2X display, and 120Hz refresh rate make this foldable the ultimate entertainment device for stunning content and gameplay. Ditch the tablet and laptop because who wants to carry more stuff around with them. As for a bar phone, don’t even go there. 

With foldables becoming more mainstream, more apps are being optimised for the form factor. Samsung is collaborating with homegrown brands to reimagine foldables for Malaysians and create unique UI/UX experiences on local apps. So, you get to do cool hacks like reviewing your items in the cart on one side of the screen, while scrolling through the menu on the other side. Can your friends’ boring bar phones do the same? No.

Time to switch to this foldable wonder. Get the Galaxy Z Fold4 at: 

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The Galaxy Z Fold4’s Big Screen is the Biggest Life Hack You Need