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Unleash Your Inner Diva On The World with the Galaxy Z Series

 Divas come in all shapes and sizes, and so do their smartphones. No way are they as basic as a bar phone, pfft! The Galaxy Z Series is the perfect-with-a-capital-P device for the perfectionist in every diva. The bad bawse can only work with the Galaxy Z Fold4. The fashion queen will only be seen with the Galaxy Z Flip4. Unleash your inner diva today with the Galaxy Z Series.

Snap it shut with the Galaxy Z Flip4

When you’re sooo done with the person on the other line, hang up by snapping the phone shut. Works for divas and macho macho men. The sound of that snap is so satisfying, even if you don’t have one diva bone in your body. That sound sadly went the way of dinosaurs with the arrival of the bar phone, but there’s no way you would feel as cool pressing the lame red button to end calls on a bar phone. Time to bring flip phones back and reclaim the glory of thunderclaps. 

Built tough like you with the Galaxy Z Fold4

Unfold PC-like power for a seamless day of work or play in the after-hours. Using the most advanced processor now on a Samsung Galaxy foldable  and enabled with hyperfast 5G connectivity , you can go from smooth video calls and games with no lag. The phone is not just your fair weather friend – unbreakable like your spirit and rated IPX8 , you’ve got a water-resistant foldable as your scout buddy in the great outdoors.

Show off selfies in every angle with the Galaxy Z Flip4

The Cover Screen on the Galaxy Z Flip4 has many talents that lets you be a social diva, online or offline. Without opening your phone, snap selfies with the Rear Camera while the Cover Screen shows you a preview, so you won’t make mistakes (not that you make mistakes). Impress your friends when you set your phone at an angle to take wefies and check the Cover Screen to ensure everyone’s inside the frame.

Whip your work back and forth with the Galaxy Z Fold4


You know that you’re going to be doing overtime with a screen this big, but that’s ok coz you’re a bad bawse. Thanks to App Pair you can launch 3 of your fave apps at once and they can all share one screen with Multi View . Level up your productivity when you review documents, make difficult decisions, manage challenging people, and check the stock market, all at the same time. 

Less screen time, more me time with the Galaxy Z Flip4

On the flip side, the Cover Screen also helps you tune out so that you can have more time for yourself. Don’t let screen distractions like notifications and bluelight ruin your peace. Snap it shut and say, not today.

Be seen with the Galaxy Z Series today:

Galaxy Z Fold4:

Galaxy Z Flip4: 

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