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Work Smoothly with Quick Share on Galaxy Tab S8 Series

 Nowadays, more and more people are using Tabs instead of laptops. The reason is because the Tab is lighter and more convenient than a laptop. People can bring the Tab anywhere they want, whereas laptops are just backaches waiting to happen. Especially for people who work with sudden inspiration, they need to jot down their ideas immediately when they come.

At the same time, choosing a light and functional Tab enables employees to be agile at work especially when they’re out in the field. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Series with its slim design and adorable functions helps make life and work more seamless.

When you are using your Galaxy Tab to work on a document and you want to transfer the file to your phone, you can use the Quick Share function to copy your file from the Galaxy Tab to your Galaxy smartphone and vice versa. No more sending it to yourself over email. Transfer your huge files, videos and pictures by using Quick Share with ease.

When you are outside the office and your boss needs to call for an urgent virtual meeting with you, you can also use the Galaxy Buds and connect to your Galaxy Tab. That way, passerby will not disrupt you.

So, make things easy and convenient! With Quick Share, you can send important files to your boss or colleagues. Other than that, when you are taking a wefie with your friends, you just need to press the Quick Share buttons and send the pictures to them immediately

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