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2023 TikTok Awards Malaysia Powered by HONOR 90 5G Series


In an exciting collaboration that bridges the world of tech and creativity, HONOR Malaysia has been selected as the official partner for Malaysia's highly anticipated first-ever TikTok Awards. This ground-breaking partnership aims to celebrate the incredible talent and innovation of the Malaysian TikTok community while showcasing HONOR's commitment to empowering digital creativity.

The TikTok Awards, which is set to be a dazzling affair of glitz and viral sensations, is slated to be the largest creator event in the country, bringing together top creators, influencers, and content enthusiasts under one digital roof. With HONOR Malaysia as the driving force behind the event, this celebration promises to be a memorable one, marking a significant milestone in the dynamic landscape of social media.

HONOR 90 5G: The Choice for TikTok creators 

As a brand known for its cutting-edge technology appeal, HONOR Malaysia's partnership with TikTok Awards comes as a natural synergy. With both entities committed to fostering creativity and inspiring innovation, the collaboration is poised to ignite a spark of digital creativity across the nation. HONOR’s latest release of the HONOR 90 5G series and its HONOR Magic5 Series has taken wild spread attention and fanbase, creating further buzz on HONOR’s stylish and innovative features, especially its super sensing camera under any conditions for the best photos and videos for social postings. 

The obvious notice is the newly released HONOR 90 5G, which will revolutionize TikTok content creation with its industry leading camera abilities. Equipped with a 200MP Super Sensing Camera and a 50MP Super Clear Front Camera, it offers high-definition imaging for both rear and front shots. The large 1/1.4-inch sensor ensures exceptional clarity, while multi-video features empower hosts to create engaging, interactive content effortlessly. Additionally, the front camera supports up to 4K resolution for stunning selfie videos. As such, the HONOR 90 5G will take Tik Tok creators’ game to the next level.


2023 TikTok Awards Malaysia – powered by HONOR 90 5G

As the TikTok Awards draws near, excitement continues to build among creators, fans, and tech enthusiasts alike. With HONOR Malaysia steering the course, this event is set to make history, celebrating the limitless possibilities of digital creativity and the symbiotic relationship between technology and talent.

The voting starts from August 15th to 26th, with 14 Awards up for grabs, the TikTok Awards will be a platform where content creators will vie for prestigious awards across various categories, showcasing their talents and artistic flair. Through this partnership, HONOR Malaysia will play a pivotal role in awarding the "Creator of The Year," recognizing the most innovative and captivating content that exemplifies the essence of the HONOR brand. The excitement has just begun for all creators nationwide!

So, mark your calendars and get ready to witness a groundbreaking fusion of technology and creativity as HONOR Malaysia shines bright at Malaysia's First-Ever TikTok Awards. Stay tuned for a night filled with glitz, glamour, and an explosion of digital ingenuity that will leave audiences captivated and inspired.