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Celebrating Creative Excellence: TikTok Awards Malaysia 2023 Voting begins August 15th


Malaysia, this is your time! The TikTok Awards Malaysia 2023 has officially kicked off its voting phase starting from August 15 to 26, the Malaysian public will cast their votes for their favorite TikTok creators, which will then be accumulated for a spectacular award ceremony, scheduled for August 27. But wait, there's a delightful twist! Patrons who stopped by any HONOR stores nationwide are in for some treats! By scanning the QR code made available, voters can get an additional five votes, an ingenious maneuver brought to you by exclusively by HONOR Malaysia. 

Celebrating Malaysia’s first ever TikTok Awards, this groundbreaking event is empowered by the newly launched HONOR 90 5G - symbolizing cutting-edge technology and innovation and redefining the essence of digital creativity. But why, you ask? Allow us to illuminate the remarkable facets that set HONOR 90 5G apart and align it as the ultimate companion to this grand event.

HONOR 90 5G: The Choice for TikTok creators 

1.) Visionary Camera Brilliance – 200MP Super Sensing Camera

There’s no better picture perfection that comes to life than the HONOR 90 5G, boasting a staggering 200MP Super Sensing Camera that captures every nuance, color, and emotion with unparalleled finesse. From dazzling landscapes to captivating close-ups, this camera isn't just a tool; it's a portal to artistic expression, giving this the rightfully desirable tool for any creators out there.

2.) Frontier of Self-Portraiture – 50MP Super Clear Front Camera

Creators can now evolve their selfie game into the next level through HONOR 90 5G's 50MP Super Clear Front Camera, a true testament to the brand's commitment to spotlighting individuality. As TikTok creators dazzle the world with their narratives, their personas take center stage with clarity and grace, setting the stage for the coolest and most creative vlogs and POV.

3.) Sustained Creative Energy – Large Battery Power

Here’s one thing fans may not know, is that creators are always on a marathon of creativity, relying on long hours of trying again and again with the record/stop button. Fret not because the HONOR 90 5G is the endurance runner for the long hours ahead. Equipped with a robust battery, content creators can push their limits, translating their visions into reality without interruption. Next take!

4.) Boundless Canvas – 512GB storage

Crafting a video in a result of innovation that knows no bounds, and neither does the HONOR 90 5G's storage capacity. With up to 512GB of space, creators can fearlessly craft and curate their masterpieces, secure in the knowledge that their artistic treasury remains unconfined. 

TikTok Awards Malaysia 2023 – powered by HONOR Malaysia

In this extraordinary partnership, HONOR Malaysia not only champions technological innovation but also paves a highway for Malaysian creators to soar to new heights. The TikTok Awards, underpinned by HONOR 90 5G, is more than an event; it's a testament to the harmonious fusion of human ingenuity and technological prowess.

As the TikTok Awards countdown gains momentum, the stage is truly set for a night of accolades, creativity, and boundless inspiration. Let the voting frenzy begin, as HONOR Malaysia invites you to journey into a realm where every vote, every video, and every moment of brilliance finds its rightful place in the tapestry of digital creativity.

Now, what you waiting for? Hurry up visit to your nearest HONOR store to get your extra 5 votes for TikTok Awards Malaysia 2023: