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HONOR Pad X9 available at August 25th

 HONOR Malaysia has once again pushed the boundaries of technological innovation with the soon-to-launch of its latest tablet, in the shape of the HONOR Pad X9. With multiple tablet options available nationwide for all-rounder access and convenience, it's time to delve into the captivating features that set the HONOR Pad X9 leagues ahead of its competitors, making it a true game-changer in the world of tablets.

Stay Connected, Unbound with LTE

We've all been there – that frantic search for a Wi-Fi hotspot, or the dreaded lag when tethering to a phone's hotspot. With the HONOR Pad X9, those days are over. Imagine the freedom of LTE connectivity in your hands. No more compromise when you're working remotely, attending virtual meetings, or keeping your kids engaged with online learning while you're out and about. The HONOR Pad X9 lets you stay connected on your terms.

Eye Comfort Display

The HONOR Pad X9 boasts an immersive 11.5-inch FullView Display, setting the stage for cinematic viewing experiences. Boasting an exceptional screen-to-body ratio of 86%, this vibrant display supports a resolution of 2000x1200 pixels and a stunning 120Hz Smart Refresh Rate. Whether you're diving into the depths of a gripping novel or enjoying your favorite movies, the HONOR Pad X9 ensures a feast for your eyes. Entertainment for your eyes does come with protection features too!

Your well-being is of paramount importance, and the HONOR Pad X9 takes that to heart. With its advanced eye protection features - including its signature TÜV Rheinland Certified Low Blue Light and Flicker Free technology - the tablet prioritizes your ocular health, minimizing eyestrain during extended usage. The Dynamic Dimming and Circadian Night Display further enhance your viewing comfort, ensuring you can work, learn, and unwind without compromising your visual wellness.

Unmatched Surround Entertainment

If there is one way to enjoy the fun of what the HONOR Pad X9 has to offer, it has to be its audio enhancement. With an impressive six-speaker surround system, you'll be enveloped in captivating audio that brings content to life. The Vocal Enhancement technology ensures crystal-clear communication during online classes thanks to its improved audibility, making learning more engaging and interactive than ever before. Whether you're a move-goer, a music enthusiast, or an avid gamer, the HONOR Pad X9 promises an entertainment journey like no other.

What’s better the HONOR Pad X9 delivers vibrant and dynamic 360° sounds for a compelling listening experience, having both sound waves on the sides and bottom make for an impressive cinematic experience. It’s time for a new season ahead!

Power Meets Performance

Beneath the elegant exterior lies a powerhouse of performance. The HONOR Pad X9 is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon® 685 4G processor, delivering unrivaled speed and efficiency. Paired with a generous 7GB of RAM and 128GB of storage (3GB HONOR RAM Turbo Included), you'll have peak performance and space you need to conquer your tasks and fuel your creativity.

Thanks to a whopping 7250mAh battery capacity and support for 22.5W HONOR SuperCharge, the HONOR Pad X9 keeps up with your dynamic lifestyle, offering up to 13 hours of video streaming and 12 hours of music playback. All of this power is packed into a sleek 6.9mm frame that weighs just 495g, ensuring portability without compromise.

To add the icing on a very delicious cake, every tablet is bundled with a sleek Bluetooth keyboard. Crafted for effortless typing and productivity, this bonus accessory transforms your tablet into a powerhouse for work, creativity, and leisure. Experience PC-level typing with the 5-row key design and 1.6mm high key stroke, elevating your productivity game to new heights.

HONOR Tab X9 – Bringing you technological innovation this August 25th 

So there you have it, with HONOR packing all its latest tech into the HONOR Pad X9 for peak entertainment and productivity, surely this is a tablet not to be missed. Brace yourselves for the impending arrival of the HONOR Pad X9, set to launch on August 25th. For all you need to know about HONOR Pad X9 is, and everything HONOR, find out more at 

HONOR Pad 8 New Variant available this August 18th 

HONOR is hearing your voice! The HONOR Pad 8 is now offering a bigger storage of 10GB RAM and 256GB storage (2GB HONOR RAM Turbo Included), priced at RM 1,499. You can store more of your favorite videos and music in your HONOR Pad 8.