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The In-depth Review of the Galaxy Tab S9

The latest Galaxy Tab S9 lineup for this year consists of three distinct models: the 11-inch Tab S9, the 12.4-inch Tab S9 Plus, and the generously-sized 14.6-inch Tab S9 Ultra. Interestingly, these tablets share remarkable similarities, essentially allowing you to make your decision based on your budget and screen size preferences. From screen technology to processors, color choices, designs, accessory availability, and a host of features, the uniformity across the lineup is evident.

After having the opportunity to thoroughly explore the 11-inch Tab S9 for over a week, we're ready to provide an in-depth review of Samsung's latest tablet offering.

The Design

The Galaxy Tab S9 maintains almost identical measurements of 10.01 x 6.53 x 0.23 inches and a weight of 1.10 pounds compared to its predecessor. Its dimensions and weight remain consistent, showcasing a design continuity. Constructed from premium aluminum, the tablet exudes both sturdiness and a satisfying tactile feel. This well-crafted build ensures both durability and a comfortable grip, even during prolonged usage.

The tablet’s design includes a subtle elevation on its rear to accommodate the rear camera. Additionally, a magnetized strip supports the attachment and charging of the S Pen. Along the lower edge, you'll find a single USB-C port, while the left side features a port for attaching the Book Cover Keyboard Slim. Meanwhile, the tablet’s right edge houses the power button, volume rocker, and a microSD card slot.


Starting with its OLED display, the tablet now aligns with the high-end Tab S9 Plus and Tab S9 Ultra. It also features a more robust construction, making it resistant to dust and water. Additionally, it integrates an upgraded rear camera and a faster chipset.

The new OLED display is a significant leap forward for the Galaxy Tab S9. In my observation, it surpasses its predecessor with its more vivid colors and increased vibrancy. During my hands-on experience, the videos I viewed displayed exceptional detail, with clear distinction between darker and brighter elements. Love it so much and it is indeed a great experience while playing game, doing photo editing and also watching movies.


Much like the entire Galaxy Tab S9 lineup, the Galaxy Tab S9 is powered by the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor found in the Samsung Galaxy S23 smartphone series. Additionally, this new tablet runs on the Android 13 operating system.

The performance is amazing which I definitely give a double thumbs up. For gamers, we had tried playing the Genshin Impact and It runs well and smooth in the tab. Asides from that, we also tried doing video editing as well as watching movies , and the experience is seamless and super smooth. The experience is seamless and we are impressed with it.

The S Pen

For those who rely on tablets for writing or drawing, the inclusion of Samsung's S Pen with all Galaxy Tab S9 tablets is a delightful feature. This upgraded S Pen now boasts an impressively low latency of 2.8ms, and its pressure-sensitive button has been raised to enhance usability.

A new feature is the stylus's ability to charge on the tablet's magnetic strip, regardless of whether it's positioned upright or not. This is particularly convenient for those who plan to use the tablet near water, as both the S Pen and tablet carry an IP68 waterproof rating.

Using the S Pen on the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra provides an exceptional writing experience, closely simulating the sensation of a pen smoothly gliding across paper as it moves across the tablet's screen. The S Pen's ergonomic design naturally fits users' hands, offering improved control and more precise pen strokes.

With the Galaxy Tab S9 series, users have fewer worries about misplacing the S Pen. Thanks to magnetic attachment, when the flat side of the S Pen is placed on the top edge or near the rear camera, it securely adheres. Furthermore, the S Pen for the Galaxy Tab S9 series introduces a new two-way charging feature, allowing users to charge the pen in either orientation when it's attached to the tablet's back.

The Battery

The Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra has received a battery boost, now featuring an 8,400mAh battery, up from the 8,000mAh capacity of the Galaxy Tab S8.

We had tried to work with the Tab S8 and it can last us more than 10 hours. The upgraded processor and OLED panel in the new tablet could potentially impact its battery life, although the enhanced battery capacity might counterbalance any potential drain.

The incorporation of an OLED display and a faster chipset in the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 marks a significant step forward from its predecessors. These improvements contribute to a more premium user experience, all while maintaining a notably more affordable price compared to its larger counterparts.

With its sturdy build, sleek aesthetics, and vivid display, the Galaxy Tab S9 is poised to secure a prominent position among the top tablets of 2023. For more information of the Samsung Tab S9, checkout