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Affordable Tablet to go For

The Honor Pad X9 presents itself as a competent, affordable tablet that checks many boxes for the general user. It appears to focus on delivering a versatile, productivity-oriented experience, while also dabbling in entertainment capabilities.

Design and Build Quality

The Honor Pad X9's aesthetic is premium, even though it opts for a plastic construction to keep costs low. This could be a double-edged sword, as while it offers a sleek look, the plastic build may be susceptible to scratches, meaning you'll have to take extra care or invest in a protective case.


The device doesn't claim to excel in photography, which is fine for most tablet use-cases. However, the front camera's placement facilitates a better webcam experience, especially important in today's Zoom and video conferencing age.

Audio and Ports

The six-speaker setup indicates that Honor takes audio quality seriously, albeit the lack of a headphone jack could be a downside for some users. The presence of a USB-C port is a nice modern touch for charging and data transfer.

Performance and Utility

The Snapdragon 685 chipset and the 4GB RAM (+3GB extended RAM) are decent for everyday tasks and offer the advantage of 4G connectivity for mobile data. The free Bluetooth keyboard adds value to the tablet and enhances its productivity capabilities, although its lack of a trackpad and wrist rest means that it may not be the most comfortable for extended work sessions.

Gaming and Multimedia

Gaming is clearly not the Pad X9's strongest suit, with its limitations evident in more demanding games like Honkai: Star Rail. On the other hand, it does a reasonable job for less resource-intensive games and media consumption, making it a decent option for casual gamers and binge-watchers.

Battery Life

A 7250mAh battery that lasts a full day on moderate usage is commendable. While gaming will inevitably drain the battery faster, it's not a primary use-case scenario for this tablet.

Final Thoughts

At RM1099, the Honor Pad X9 offers a fairly well-rounded package. It's not a powerhouse by any stretch, but it balances multiple facets — from design to performance and battery life — to deliver good value for its price point. The free keyboard adds to the value, making it a compelling option for those seeking a productivity boost without breaking the bank.

If you are a student or a professional who primarily needs a device for tasks like document editing, presentations, and web browsing, the Honor Pad X9 is worth considering. However, if you are more inclined towards gaming or require a more robust build, you might want to explore other options in the market.