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To Flip or Fold? That is the Question


You’ve heard that Samsung has announced its latest and greatest foldables yet – the Galaxy Z Flip5 and Galaxy Z Fold5! You’re intrigued and ready switch from the bar phone to this form factor. But waittt… which one will you get? To Flip or Fold? That is the question.

To maximise or minimise?

Minimise your life and do almost anything without flipping open your Galaxy Z Flip5, so that it remains compact and pocketable. Set up your favourite widgets, and quick, intuitive finger gestures on the 3.4” Flex Window, to pay with Samsung Wallet, control your music playlist, set a timer, or check your calendar. Flex Window supports third-party apps too, so you can reply on a keyboard on WhatsApp, watch Netflix or YouTube, and follow a map on Google Maps.

Maximise your day with the Galaxy Z Fold5’s massive 7.6” screen for an immersive experience. When it comes to work, maximise your speed by viewing and doing more on the same screen. For entertainment, enjoy your dramas with comfort on the big screen, which now comes with brighter capability at a peak of 1,750 nits.

To fashion or function?

Fashionistas be loving no bad angles with the Galaxy Z Flip5’s FlexCam. Get the best selfies or wefies with the Main Camera in either Wide or Ultra Wide lens. Preview your poses on Flex Window to look fleek and fly and make no room for mistakes when recording your TikTok moves. You can also quick view and choose your best shots with without flipping open the device. The Pro-Grade sensor ensures improved natural bokeh for portrait, high-quality rear camera selfies with stunning details, even at night.


Shift to serious gear with a PC-like experience on the Galaxy Z Fold5. Fold the screen halfway for Flex Mode to turn your smartphone into a mini laptop with touchpad controls. The Advanced Taskbar lets you jump between most-used apps and open recent apps faster. Enable pop-ups for easy display or hide them if you need to keep an app running in the background, while focusing on a specific task. Then from pop-up view, drag any app to the more intuitive Multi Window to work on a few things simultaneously. Move content easily between apps and screens with a two-handed drag-and-drop.

Why not both?

Raising the bar on innovation, the Galaxy Z Flip5 and Galaxy Z Fold5 are thinner, lighter, and now have a zero gap hinge. The slimmer form factor achieves a more elegant design and has better dust-resistance when the Main Screen is folded, not to mention the smartphones have an IPX8 rating[1] for water-resistance.


To find out more about the exciting launch promo, please have a read at the attached editorial. Alternatively, you may read all about it on Samsung Newsroom Malaysia: