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DEKÕRI: A Sweet Dive into Japanese Delights in Malaysia

Dessert enthusiasts in Malaysia have long been enthralled by the captivating world of Japanese sweets. Recognizing this allure, DEKÕRI emerged in early 2021 as a beacon for all things delightful and Japanese. DEKÕRI, is famed for their Kakigori, brings the heart of Japan's dessert culture to Malaysia, weaving a narrative of flavors and textures that's distinctly Japanese, yet resonates with local tastes.

Standing testament to their commitment to authenticity, DEKÕRI's research and development team hasn't worked in isolation. They have consistently collaborated with Japanese dessert maestros, ensuring that what you get isn't just a replica but a true essence of Japan's sweet traditions. The brand's pledge doesn't just end at taste; they have gone the extra mile to ensure all ingredients are natural, HALAL certified by Jakim. 

As for their menu, they are just so huge and extensive but when you are there, assured yourself to try their Kakigori.   Asides, they are famed for their Signature Toasts, Signature Taufufa, Signature Taro Balls, and Signature Drinks too. 

Blueberry Yogurt Kakigori

On our visit, we delved into their Blueberry Yogurt Kakigori. It’s a beautiful dance of flavors and textures. The ice, ethereal in its fineness, dissolves almost instantly, leaving behind a trail of refreshing blueberry and tangy yogurt notes. The balance is impeccable – neither cloyingly sweet nor too tart – an embodiment of Japanese dessert aesthetics.

But our journey didn't end there. Lured by the inviting aromas, we ventured into the world of their in-house Charcoal Waffles, opting for the Mango Selection. Visually, it's a treat, with the stark contrast of the deep-colored waffle against the vibrant hue of mango. Bite in, and you're greeted with fluffiness, further accentuated by the creamy mango ice cream on top. The accompanying sweet mango syrup, drizzled generously, ties the dish together, making it an indulgence hard to resist.

If you are looking for some desserts shop till mid night, this is another place to go in Ipoh. 

Address:  Block B-G-9 SOHO IPOH, Jalan Sultan Iskandar, 30000 Ipoh, Perak

Opening Hours : 10 am - 1 am ( Daily) 

Phone 0169126899

GPS Location :  4.5928758,101.0891965

Web :