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The most popular Package 5G Rahmah phone HONOR receives commendation from Ministry of Communication and Digital

 A Malaysian favorite, the HONOR 90 Lite 5G is one of the key models in the 5G RAHMAH package, an effort to open affordable data and phone plans for consumers. Not only does the HONOR 90 Lite 5G became one of the most sought-after 5G smartphones among consumers, it also garnered an official recognition from the Malaysian Ministry of Communications and Digital.  
In an endeavor to foster widespread adoption of 5G technology, the Malaysian Ministry of Communications and Digital has joined forces with major telecommunications operators to introduce the 5G RAHMAH Package (Pakej 5G RAHMAH). This initiative aims to lower the barriers for consumers to access 5G plans, ushering in a new era of connectivity. As Malaysia's fastest-growing consumer electronics brand, HONOR has consistently won the hearts of consumers with its innovative technology and unwavering commitment to quality. This dedication has earned the brand a prestigious place within the 5G RAHMAH Package project. In an astonishing feat, the HONOR 90 Lite 5G, positioned as one of the smartphones within the 5G RAHMAH Package, has managed to capture the hearts and minds of consumers in less than a month. Adding to the celebrations, during the Emerging Industries Exchange Conference held on September 21st in Mandarian Oriental, Kuala Lumpur, HONOR conveyed a token of appreciation to the Malaysian Ministry of Communications and Digital. The event witnessed HONOR Malaysia's CEO, Li Jing, elatedly handing over the recognition certificate to Mr. Kamarudin Abdul Rani, Undersecretary of Control and Compliance Division representing the Ministry of Communications and Digital. This momentous occasion signifies HONOR's commitment and strategic cooperation towards Malaysian Government initiative.                                     Following this prestigious recognition, HONOR remains unwavering in its commitment to a consumer-centric approach. The brand is dedicated to delivering reliable and cutting-edge smartphone devices at unbeatable prices, ensuring that consumers around the world can enjoy the benefits of advanced technology without compromising on quality. For all the latest news you need to know about the sought-after HONOR 90 Lite 5G and everything HONOR, find it first on: