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5 Reason why you should get the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE+


The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE+ has caught the attention of many with its impressive features and value for money. Offering a great balance between price and functionality, this tablet from Samsung has become a noteworthy choice for many consumers. With its range of features, the Galaxy Tab S9 FE+ is poised to provide a satisfying and versatile experience for users.

Big, high-resolution screen with high refresh rate

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE+ truly stands out with its impressive 12.4-inch screen, offering users a captivating visual experience. Boasting a QHD+ resolution, the display ensures that every detail is sharp and vibrant. The high brightness level adds to the appeal, making the tablet suitable for use in various lighting conditions.

One notable feature is the 90Hz refresh rate, contributing to a smoother and more responsive overall viewing experience. While it may not sport an OLED display, the tablet's screen performs exceptionally well for activities like web browsing and video watching. Moreover, the inclusion of Vision Booster technology is a noteworthy enhancement. This technology significantly improves visibility, allowing users to enjoy the tablet's display even when exposed to direct sunlight, thanks to a remarkable brightness level of up to 720 nits. This makes the Galaxy Tab S9 FE+ a versatile device for users who value a top-notch visual experience across different scenarios.

Huge Battery Capacity

With its substantial 10,090mAh battery, the Galaxy Tab S9 FE+ ensures an extended usage period, capable of lasting an entire day on a single charge. The efficiency of the power-conscious Exynos 1380 processor further contributes to the tablet's impressive battery life, making it a reliable device for users with varied usage needs.

Moreover, when the need arises to replenish the battery, the tablet supports 45W fast charging. This feature allows users to quickly charge their device, minimizing downtime and ensuring that the Galaxy Tab S9 FE+ is ready for use when they need it. The combination of a robust battery and efficient charging capabilities makes this tablet a practical choice for users who prioritize both longevity and quick charging convenience.

Simulated PC experience with Samsung DeX

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE+ takes versatility to the next level with Samsung DeX, transforming the tablet into a PC substitute rather than just a conventional Android tablet. This feature provides users with a desktop-like experience, complete with windowed applications and all the capabilities expected from a standard PC.

Activating Samsung DeX is a seamless process with the Book Cover Keyboard designed for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 series tablet. The keyboard features a dedicated "DeX" button located conveniently at the top right corner (beside the Delete function key). To initiate Samsung DeX, users simply need to hold down the "Fn" key and press the "DeX" key. This action launches the Samsung DeX application, instantly transitioning the tablet into a more productivity-oriented interface, resembling a traditional PC setup. The introduction of Samsung DeX enhances the tablet's functionality, making it suitable for a wider range of tasks beyond typical tablet usage.

Ultimate S Pen

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE+ comes equipped with the versatile S Pen, adding an extra layer of functionality to the tablet. The S Pen is not just a stylus; it's a powerful tool that enables users to engage in seamless note-taking, creative drawing, and innovative screenshot capturing.

As part of the tablet package, Samsung introduces a suite of captivating apps exclusively tailored for the Galaxy Tab series. Among these apps are notable names like GoodNotes, LumaFusion, Clip Studio Point, and ArcSite. Of special mention is GoodNotes, a well-regarded app that was previously exclusive to iOS devices. With the Galaxy Tab S9 FE+, GoodNotes makes its debut on the Android platform, offering users a unique and immersive note-taking experience.

This addition of exclusive apps not only enhances the tablet's functionality but also showcases Samsung's commitment to providing users with a rich and diverse ecosystem of applications, catering to various creative and productivity needs. The inclusion of GoodNotes, in particular, expands the tablet's appeal by offering users a powerful and feature-rich note-taking solution.

This year's S Pen also received an IP68 upgrade, making it more resilient to water and dust. Additionally, it boasts improved latency, reducing it to 2.9ms from the 6.2ms found in the S8 series. This is fantastic news for individuals who use their tablets for writing or sketching, as it ensures the most precise input.

S Pen Magnetic Charging

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Plus introduces a convenient and innovative approach to S Pen charging. The S Pen is designed to charge wirelessly while magnetically attached to the tablet. This thoughtful integration ensures that the S Pen is always ready for use without the need for a separate charging process.

The charging mechanism is color-coordinated with the tablets, providing a visual cue for users. With the Galaxy Tab S9 series, the S Pen can be attached to the backside magnets in either left or right directions. This eliminates unnecessary fiddling, streamlining the charging process and making it even more user-friendly. The magnetically attached S Pen not only charges effortlessly but also ensures that it's securely and conveniently stored, ready to be used whenever creativity or productivity strikes

The Price

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE+  comes in two versions which is at : one with 128GB and  256GB of space. For colours, they will be 4  options which includes Mint, Lavender,  Silver and Grey.

They are priced from RM 3,399. For more information check out